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Fan Game Sonic Taiga Adventure (Help needed)


Green Hill Zone
Nov 13, 2022
Sonic taiga adventure is a fan game based around multiple characters gameplay
The original zone and story concepts were created in around 2017-2018 but then i abandoned them

This game takes place on a "Taiga island" (Working title) and is fully cold themed, only two "Warm" zones will be presented

Characters and their respective abilities:
Speed paced gameplay but with more inclusion of level exploring and completing "Missions"
Mid air dash - can be performed with activating the insta shield (Press Z while in the air), Spindash, Super peel-out

Mighty: More slow paced gameplay with breaking your way through tough obstacles that sonic cant break
Shell stomp (from sonic mania), Spindash, Fists (Like knuckles)

Metal sonic: (Yeah, you would be able to play as metal sonic in the story mode of this game)

Fast, nearly boost type of gameplay with Metal Sonic's turbo boost and armor points instead of rings, but smashing into a hard wall on full speed would cause imidiate death

Tails: T O R N A D O F L I G H T

изображение_2022-11-14_080654944.png изображение_2022-11-14_080833970.png
изображение_2022-11-14_080921218.png изображение_2022-11-14_080956100.png

Also monitors are now red, i dont know why, but it looks cool :)

Im making the game on the Clickteam fusion 2.5 using "Fusion" (Pun intended) Of Simple sonic worlds And Core framework

I have extreme need in a musician

If you want to help then DM me on Discord - ДОГ#1843
Or Email me - [email protected]



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Mitchy Mitch

Beats go hyper sonic
Nov 24, 2022
Dallas, Texas
Hey bro this is djstompaddict, you wrote to me a couple weeks ago requesting a music producer. I enabled 2factor authentication on that account and have upgraded my phone so I have no way of getting into that account so I just made a new one. But yes I would love to be a music producer for your project.