Hack Sonic Legacy


Green Hill Zone
Sep 30, 2017
Jenks, Oklahoma
Sonic Legacy is a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ROM hack that I've been working on since last October. It's a level layout, palette, and music hack with a few art edits here and there. This is the first Sonic hack I've worked on that made it past the first Zone, but is far from my first ROM hack as I've been a Super Mario World hacker for many years.
SonicLegacySAGEDemo.2017-09-16 00.21.48.png
Here's the title screen. It's nothing too fancy, and it draws a lot of inspiration from the Sonic Chaos title screen. The music is even a remix of that game's title music.

SonicLegacySAGEDemo.2017-09-20 01.44.19.png
Verdant Coast Zone is the Emerald Hill-based first level of the game, and it showcases some very simple custom background art of a sandy shoreline. The trees and bushes are also custom, but they're not shown in this screenshot.

SonicLegacySAGEDemo.2017-09-20 01.47.10.png
Midnight Metro Zone is my attempt to turn Chemical Plant into something that more closely resembles a futuristic city highway at night.

SonicLegacySAGEDemo.2017-09-20 01.52.30.png
Marsh Palace is, naturally, based on Aquatic Ruin Zone, but it has more of a deep forest/swamp setting thanks to the custom background art.

SonicLegacySAGEDemo.2017-09-20 01.54.26.png
Spirit Casino Zone's name and palette are based on the local River Spirit Casino here in Oklahoma. At some point, I'd like to integrate the River Spirit logo into the background buildings. I tried importing the art for it before, but the tiles glitched up in-game.

SonicLegacySAGEDemo.2017-09-20 02.05.13.png
Lava Canyon Zone is the Hill Top edit. I've tried editing the art to make it look more canyon-like, but it never turns out the way I want.

SonicLegacySAGEDemo.2017-09-20 02.06.53.png
Sapphire Shaft Zone may look like a cooler, bluer Mystic Cave, but it places more emphasis on collapsing platforms and enemies than pulling switches.

SonicLegacySAGEDemo.2017-09-20 02.13.24.png
Refinery Rush Zone is a rather gilded-looking edit of Oil Ocean Zone with more oil slides. It also has burner caps that can send you into spikes, making them a potential hazard as much as a means of transport to higher platforms.

SonicLegacySAGEDemo.2017-09-20 02.21.09.png
Metal Fortress Zone is this game's Metropolis stand-in, so don't expect an easy ride. Act 3 has yet to be edited, so it's the last Zone I'll show off in the OP.