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May 11, 2024
I Have A Theory
So I looked through the files (obviously) and I think the game takes place before the conversation and the returnal image.
Why well first sonic in this game looks angry for some reason so I thought that Sonic represents the Murderer and the boss represents the Victim who ran away which explains why sonic (aka the Murderer) looked mad.
This probably explains why the boss was trying to run near the end of the fight.
So this is the timeline I came up with.
First: Something happened which made the Murderer want to kill the Victim.
Second: The Victim ran away and the Murderer chased after him which lead to the events of the game.
Third: After the Murderer kills the Victim he calls his friend to help with the body which lead to the first part of conversation and the returnal image.
Fourth: They walk back to the car which leads to the second part of the conversation.
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Feb 29, 2024
I Would Want To Play But Not download is not Working... Anyone else having this problem?
I Click on the green attatchment and a blank tab opens on SFGHQ