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Project Expeditive

A Sonic the Hedgehog Fangame
Apr 20, 2020
UPDATE: We have a new build available for download! Check the bottom of the post for a link.

+ Added Tutorial stages for Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles
+ Added a "Demo End" screen after beating Water Arcadia Act 2 (With a special secret, accessing the special secret is mentioned at the bottom of the post)
+ Improved the look of the Character Select Screen (it's classified as the Options menu)
+ Changed the Title Screen Background
+ Added a Tutorial Prompt (Yes to advance, No to go to Act 1)
- Removed the ability to select Shadow and Amy from the Options/Character Select menu (They will not be playable in future builds of the game)
- Disabled DevMode for Public Builds moving forward

- Fixed the music overlapping issue

Team Gallant presents… Sonic Expeditive!


Sonic Expeditive (ソニック ヘイスト: Sonic Haste) is a fangame made by the folks over at Team Gallant, currently being developed in the CORE Framework for Clickteam Fusion 2.5+, which events take place after Sonic Mania.
After Eggman's defeat in Sonic Mania, he decides to get help from an outside source to eliminate Sonic & friends. While this new enemy tries to conquer Sonic and his pals, Dr. Eggman proceeds to capture the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald to reconstruct the Death Egg and obliterate all life in the planet.

• Playable Characters from Sonic Mania
• An original story and original zones to accompany them
• Redesigned Characters
• Extras Menu
• Skins for all the playable characters and Skin Shop with Global Ring Counter
• Mania-like Save System
...and more in the not-too-distant future!



Sonic the Hedgehog
The fastest being alive from the planet Mobius, he is well known for his cocky, yet heroic and cheerful personality, his red shiny sneakers, and his blue spines. Sonic is also a good-hearted hedgehog who is always on the run.

Miles "Tails" Prower
A two-tailed fox who follows and is the best friend of the blue blur. This fox can use his two tails to propel himself to fly at his wish. Besides that, Tails is a super genius and very excellent pilot within a plane.

Knuckles the Echidna
The last of his kind, and guardian of the Master Emerald. A very serious echidna indeed, for his large fists allow him to break down walls very easily. Besides this, he can sometimes seem a goofball.

Mighty the Armadillo
This tough armadillo is very adventurous and always ready for an adventure. His buddy Ray is his best pal, and so the two venture off to adventure together. Besides that, his very hard shell can be used as a protective shield to protect him from dire attacks.

Ray the Flying Squirrel
A very light and noticeably cheerful guy who is always up for an adventure with his best pal Mighty. His very open arms allow him to glide through the air.

(By the way, if anyone points out that Ray here looks like his Archie Comics appearance, it was a total coincidence, as the project head apparently has never read the Archie comics before designing Ray.)


Dr. Ivo Robotnik (also known by the name of Eggman)
Dr. Eggman is a super genius with an IQ of 300, rivaling Tails in intelligence. Despite this, he uses his brains for bad deeds, for he sees the world as his sandbox for him to destroy and conquer it, to create his own vision of the world by the name of Eggman World. Within this game’s events, Eggman gains new knowledge and as he does, he goes out and seeks for some certain help from a special unit.

Zierre the Tasmanian Devil (Exclusive to this game)
Zierre is the leader of a large tribe within her region. This tribe is very famous from all around the globe, this is because of their specialties such as their toxic fumes, and very athletic skills.
Besides that, Zierre is very athletic herself, for she is very well-experienced within far-range attacks such as a bow & arrow and a spear. The same goes for her tribe as well, for each different group has their own certain aspects that keep them unique from the others. Besides that, each one has their own leader, including Zierre's very own sister.


1. Water Arcadia Zone

A water palace getaway for those who want to enjoy a tropical vacation! (Characters follow a cement road that leads to the city.)

2. Caliginous Metropolis Zone
An overstocked city that's practically always filled with fog, a hugely industrialized state for those who seek hard work and great success within their lives. (Robotnik runs towards the forest to get Sonic and friends off his trail.)

3. Spirited Realm Zone
A mystical wonderland with many tall and thick trees, colorful, and vivid lights! It's filled with ancient building's right inside them. The realm's highly praised mountain has been rumored to have a cave filled with jewels and other riches but is said to be haunted as well. (After boss, characters find the entrance to the cave.)

4. Marine Mountain Zone
Inside Spirited Realm's mountain are very spaced underwater ruins. The ruins seem to be very old; it is said to be that an underwater civilization once lived there. (City sewers connect to the ruins.)

5. In-versed Time Zone
A 90's inspired zone with some of its original cultures, looks, and the like. This zone is on based by the fact that Sonic The Hedgehog was made in the 90's (1991, specifically). (Characters keep going deeper into the town.)

6. Velvet Park
A bright, and colorful night has been bestowed upon you. Down here in Velvet Park, those who have the potential to become one with the power of Persona are able to experience this unforgettable night. Meet the Velvet Room attendants, (characters being featured to be determined) to guide you throughout your journey. Encounter strange enemies, encounter many intricate obstacles, many things await you at Velvet Park. The attendants will remain eager for your arrival.

7. Abandoned Valley/Mazuri Desert Zone
A ghost town in the middle of the desert. With many worn out buildings just barely hanging on. Alongside its worn-out buildings are many traditional structures with based off Aztec gods. (Characters are launched off by a bomb placed in the center of the town)

8. Hatsu Exposition Zone
A big, brimming urban city in the night, with signs all over the city of the most famous Vocaloid artist, loved by everyone in this city. With many beautiful sights, a lot of things to do, and many places to explore, you're sure to have a great time. Enjoy your stay while it lasts.

9. Coastal Peak Zone
A gigantic mountain range which is near one part of the ocean with lush greenery on top. This might look like a nice place to be at, but this place is not for the faint of heart. Although it is a beautiful place, it's located at nearly the highest point of this planet, on top of there being a lot of cliffs, and the ground is not very stable. Proceed with caution, you don't want to end up drowning in the ocean

10. Undersea Base Zone
An underwater base built by Robotnik to hide out from Sonic due to his fear of water. (The base gets blown up, the explosion sends the characters out of the water and towards the distant island.)

11. Angel Valley Zone
The deepest part of Angel Island, where numerous ruins that once belonged to the Echidna are destroyed. It is flooded with water all over the place, so now it looks like a swamp. (Characters chase the Tasmanian tribe towards the Hidden Palace, where they steal the Master Emerald from Knuckles and evade towards Robotnik's flying airship. Characters hop into the Tornado and chase down the large object.)

12. Airborne Mechanic Zone
ACT 1:
A Sonic 2 Tornado kind of level as the chase down the ship. (As they fly towards the ship, Zierre's sister alongside her dragon Antarctica stop the characters midway.)

ACTS 2 AND 3: A mechanical construction site in the air. Purposely made to carry the new and improved Death Egg to the sky while its power source is still being constructed. (Once construction and the energy source are in place, the construction site falls apart to let the newly made Death Egg roam in the sky. Characters jump in the sphere of death as the site comes breaking down.)

13. Death-Egg Mark III Zone
A highly advanced and futuristic environment where everything is handled by machinery. (Characters simply follow Robotnik towards the core of the Death Egg.)

14. Terminal Steam Zone
The core of the Death Egg. Where the main power is held at, and where the "final boss" will take place

FINAL ZONE: Last Judgement Zone
The secret final boss, which is unlocked when the player collects all Super Emeralds (or regular Chaos Emeralds). This unlocks the true ending to the game.

Screenshots (of an older build):
4880 4881

Teaser Trailer (for newer builds):

Playable Build [Demo 1]:
NOTE: This build is an old build of the game, back when the game was being developed under the Not So Simple Sonic Worlds framework in Clickteam Fusion 2.5, and this build was also before a major overhaul of the actual game. Bear in mind, since this is game is in-development, and as this is an older build of the game, it should be noted that there are bugs in this build, but that should be expected.


The main menu theme overlaps the zone theme once you enter the actual game. The way to stop this is to just lose a life on the first enemy you see, but this is not a permanent fix. [FIXED]
• When you obtain the Speed Shoes powerup underwater and the drowning theme plays while the powerup is active, once you collect a bubble, the music might stay fast and high-pitched, as indicated by the influence of the Speed Shoes powerup. You can fix this by switching to Super Sonic (press 5) and switch back if you'd like. Super Sonic cancels out the effects of Invincibility and Speed Shoes from monitors. When you switch back, the music will be normal again. Again, this is not a permanent fix. [Disabled Dev Tools in the next build]
• Invincibility frames are slightly broken in this build.

Playable Build [Demo 2]:

To access the secret, type the word "DEMO" in the title screen and press Shift. From there, new options will open up to you. You'll just have to find out for your self those options are

• In one of the tunnel sections of Act 1, if you spindash too much, the player might get stuck, depending on how much you charge up the spindash.

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Twitter: GameJolt:

Presented by Team Gallant
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Project Expeditive

A Sonic the Hedgehog Fangame
Apr 20, 2020
Any progress on the newer builds?
Currently, they're still being worked on. If CORE+ gets released before the first playable build gets finished, we might have to port over the finished work to that engine, for better/updated stuff. No word from the developers yet on when that'll be finished, though. We'll keep everyone on here updated about that!