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Fan Game Sonic AGES

who would you like to be included as a next character?

  • Espio the Chameleon

    Votes: 4 36.4%
  • Rouge the Bat

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Charmy the Bee

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Vector the Croc

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Metal Sonic

    Votes: 5 45.5%
  • Bark the Polar Bear

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • i voted on the sonic retro post (

    Votes: 1 9.1%

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starving artist
Sep 4, 2017
game download is on this cheap website here.

copy/pasted from the sonic retro post

10/19/2017: gonna hold back from updates for one more week just to make it seem worth instead of redownloading the game with too minor changes.
meanwhile i also added a web browser build on the website if you don't feel like downloading/extracting the game. expect visual hiccups from the browser version because that was pretty early.

still preparing online and other menu things.

Current Build: Alpha11 - Post SAGE Edition

 Changelog for Sonic AGES Build 11:
I'll be making efforts to update AGES Every Friday.
SAGE Booth

Notes: Theres a very small percentage of players who seem to experiencing their player moving on their own. most of my time has been into trying to research and solve this issue. Any extra info on this would be very useful.

This week I've focused on mostly just fixing pretty large bugs so i can resume the art and animation bits. gameplay before art, you know?
Messing around with the latest version of unity to see if everything ports over fine without bugs. seems to deliver smoother gameplay to AGES.
Also preparing online multiplayer. (only racing at the moment, unless more ideas come up)

- Linux Builds
- Max Builds

Major changes
- Fixed that nasty control lock glitch when players couldn't regain air control on a bouncy object after losing it.
-added the basic standalone player for those that's experiencing issues with their player running around without them pressing a single button. actually this didn't fix the intended thing i was tryign to fix so im going to remove this next build.

Minor changes
 - Moved some of the enemy placement so it isn't cheap anymore.
- Increased the deadzone for the 360 control stick from 0.4 to 0.7 (for test reasons).

Things you likely wont notice
-Updated unity from 5.5.4 to 2017.1.1 (to take advantage of faster level creation and smoother gameplay?)

Previous Builds
Build 10 - SAGE Edition

No change log here since this is the public debut.
alright some of this information is getting copy pasted to/from the sfghq

Sonic AGES is something I've been working on the side for a while.
This is my way of showing my love for Art, Animation, Sonic and Everything SEGA.
Sonic goes through multiple SEGA games, the art and themes will change accordingly depending on the stage. you can sorta get an understanding of that from the tutorial stage.
While not implemented yet, Sonic and characters will feature some unique brand new abilities for this game to give a flow to game play without making it game-breaking boost easy.

Since this game is going to have online racing im planning on making more characters as i go along. (I'll close the poll in about November to swap in new characters)
The poll only allows for 10 choices, but any sonic character is up for suggestion (of course i'll make effort to keep them from feeling too much like a clone.)
if you're not seeing a character you wanted voted for, check the sfghq post for the other selections. (link isn't right here yet)

Of course, I'm adding in more stages and polishing up the current one that's there. there's major bugs i wanna fix before continue polishing. i also wanna start doodling layouts for future stages.

because how long it takes for me to even put a stage together as a simple layout, i'll be reusing the assets from my tutorial zone to have the extra zones playable.
it'll be good to have plenty of stages layed out so people can have plenty to play on.

also planning to make my own music for this, but that's taken a backseat for now.

also I'm sorry for how cheap seabed may be sometimes in some routes, but i have a couple of mechanics I'm putting together for those situations. although i may make them much more telegraph-able.


Q: What engine is this done in?
A: The engine is a slightly edited KOHCTPYKTOP's [url=""]Sonic Realms Engine[/url] for Unity.
Q: Can i use your sprites?
A: Not yet, I'd like to give them when they're 100% ready. sonic in particular still needs to get his: pushing/edge standing/waiting/goal animations polished. i'll give them in quality zips/psd/pngs afterwards.

Screenshots/gifs will mostly be gifs cause i love things that move.

known bugs that I'm working on.
SUPER IMPORTANT (stuff that ruins the gameplay)
1. certain conditions makes sonic's controls lock under a spring; falling on a spring while getting hurt, and another that has something to do with while he's spinning.
2. cant reload game when you return to main menu via gameover.
3. character moves by himself, running to the left and spin/ducking. no further explanation (one person got this so it might simply be a deadzone issue.)

Trivial things (these aren't too big of a deal)
1. pause the character until after the title card is finished. so no one's running around before the title card is done.
2. fix the spikes sound effect when sonic dies.
3. when sonic gets speed shoes, his 3rd run animation doesnt multiply his animation speed. :c
4. in seabed, on the conveyor belt(right), sonic can run through the wall if he uses the fire the same time he's about the touch the floor. (saw ryoma do it)
5. Recon boxes need invincibility frames that activates after they've been hit so sonic's hitbox don't drill them to death.
6. sonic's hitbox can be immediately turned back on if he insta shields directly after getting hit. (you can get combo'd to death that way)
7. improve the checkpoint code so it isn't a messy combination of 2 half working codes. (actually i think i already fixed this one though..)
8. in the menu the flavor text tends to repeat itself and  and overlap with eachother if switching between menus too often (prob can be simply fixed by putting it all in one animation instead of switching animations)
Other than asking my friend for unity tips and assistance, I'm pretty much working on this on my own. although I really wish i knew where Kohctpyktop has gone to :c I've been improving in unity and i wanna show him what i did with his engine.

so if there's any questions or suggestions, I'm all ears.

looking forward to updating this more for you guys to enjoy. all i really ask for is patience while i slowly get everything done.
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Stuck in Marble Zone Act 3
Dec 5, 2019
I've only seen an older demo, so you've probably done this, but, could you draw some new sprites for the shields and the act clear message? the S3&K message feels a bit out of place in this HD game.
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