Some Bloke Off Of Twitch


Green Hill Zone
Sep 14, 2020
Hello there! (I posted this in Promotion but I think I should've posted it here!)

My name's Tom. About a million years ago I was a member of this forum called Tonto (back when Sonic Time Attacked was being released and Sonic Epoch was nearly a thing - I know, right, aaaages ago!) I'm in awe of how friggin' talented this community was and still is. I've started a Twitch channel as a hobby and I would really love to showcase fan games on the stream from time to time. If I do, I obviously want to make sure the right people get the right plugs.

So I'm gonna kinda lurk and, if I play a few of them, I'd like to come to you for consent (you can tell me to bugger off if you want, I get that.) I just wasn't sure of the protocol and I wanted to touch base and say hello. Feel free to check out some of the stuff I've been doing at

I'm on Twitter as well @TomCampbell - if you would like to chat it would be great to talk! :)

Happy Monday to you and yours!



Scrambled Egg Zone
May 27, 2020
Hello Tom!
You don't need any permission to try and play Sonic 3D in 2D.
Just go for it and enjoy the ride!

I warn you, the game is not on the easy side (but still far from impossible!), and it will challenge you in more ways than one (will you find your way out of Rusty Ruins?).
It's built as a immediate sequel to 3K and takes inspiration from Sonic 2 SMS, so it demands you to exert a certain level of control over the characters from the get go.