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A problem with leaving reviews on showcase items (fixed)

Metalsonic3 // Jargonfox

Spring Yard Zone
Sep 5, 2017
Hey, got a technical(-ish) problem with sending reviews.

Sooo I had left a review on one item but now decided I would update it. I wanted to make sure the developer would notice my new/updated thoughts on the game so I deleted the review, figuring I would just add a new one after. Buuut yeah, where one user can only send one review per item it seems like that count doesn't reset or anything after you delete your previous one. My review is gone - tho the Rating stars and rating count still shows it counted (Reviews count doesn't) - yet I can't add a new one, the "Leave a Rating" button is gone for me.

Uh, yeah, any solution for this? Or should I just shoot my updated review through the comments? A bit troublesome though, as I might've changed my star count after an update to the game changed things and yeah, changed how I feel about various things.

Got no idea which staff member I shooould've or could've messaged about this, so I'll just do a public post like this.

Edit: The problem was fixed, and for those curious it turned out me hitting Delete didn't aaactually fully delete the review. GerbilSoft fixed the thing for me by properly deleting the review.
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