1. jao_arthur1995

    Fan Game Wonic

  2. Sonic Trinity

    Sonic Trinity

    3 Playable Characters Sonic,Tails and Knuckles 2 Playable Acts of the First Zone DEMO Available at Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/sonic-trinity/453986
  3. KirbyFazbear98

    Sonic Max Help

    Does anyone know gml, I'm trying to add a double jump to a 4th character and it just softlocks the game when I perform it. Can someone help me with this issue?
  4. Blantados

    Fan Game Sonic The Forgotten Classics

    Hey guys! Me and my team are trying to create a fan game called Sonic The Forgotten Classics. This fangame aims to bring back and remix the classic but not as popular zones from Sonic 1 to Sonic 3 & Knuckles such as Emerald Hill Zone and Scrap Brain Zone. This game also tries to add in brand new...