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  1. El Misterioso

    Money isn't to blame for bad Sonic games, Sonic Team is the problem

    I just saw a guy who said that if Microsoft bought SEGA Sonic's problems would disappear and NO, money is not the problem. Sonic Team is to blame for Sonic Forces and the other bad games (Sonic Lost World is not a bad game, it's a bad Sonic) their problem is not money (Sonic Forces was a...
  2. Burning Rangers Tribute

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Burning Rangers Tribute

    Burning Rangers Tribute Demo Introduction The idea behind this project is to honor the Sega Saturn game Burning Rangers and the creators at Sonic Team. The original game never had any sequels or re-releases after 1998. Nevertheless it is an import milestone of gaming history and part of...
  3. Sonic of the Ring - Tutorials Room v0.5 Demo

    Demo Sonic of the Ring - Tutorials Room v0.5 Demo

    Sonic of the Ring Tutorials Room v0.5 Click here to download This game about training games on virtual with update version. similar Sonic Unleashed. Sonic of the Ring Tutorials Room Version "0.1.5" is a fan game first zero number version in classic game engine generation from by SRPD11. Many...