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  1. Sonic Recharged - [SAGE 2019 DEMO]

    Sonic Recharged - [SAGE 2019 DEMO]

    Hi guys, long time no see. Here's the official SAGE 2019 demo for Sonic Recharged. Sonic Recharged is a fangame that tells the story of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Three heroes against a villain (or maybe more), will they manage to defeat him? Obviously the infamous Dr. Robotnik will make sure...
  2. Dunkehr - v0.2.0

    Dunkehr - v0.2.0

    "Is this the Dark Souls of SAGE 2019?!" - Sparks, during the Pre-Show stream This is an action platformer for PC (for now) in which you will explore 6 vast levels with secret areas to find, meet a colorful cast of characters... and beat the crap out of them, along with whatever else stands in...
  3. Phantom Gear

    Phantom Gear

    -----===== Overview =====----- Phantom Gear is a new original game for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive in development (made in Assembly) by Bits Rule. It's a side-scrolling platform game that mixes old school arcade action gameplay with some modern improvements. Our goal is for players to have a...
  4. C4L3B3

    Sonic Metallix - Sage Demo 1.0

    This demo has 3 acts from 1 zone The title screen and the title card are simple, but it will increase soon. Well, we hope like the fangame. Good luck, friend!
  5. Sonic of the Ring - Tutorials Room v0.5 Demo

    Demo Sonic of the Ring - Tutorials Room v0.5 Demo

    Sonic of the Ring Tutorials Room v0.5 Click here to download This game about training games on virtual with update version. similar Sonic Unleashed. Sonic of the Ring Tutorials Room Version "0.1.5" is a fan game first zero number version in classic game engine generation from by SRPD11. Many...