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  1. Fuu3's Fuun Journey Sage '23 edition

    SAGE 2023 - Demo Fuu3's Fuun Journey Sage '23 edition

    Fuu3´s fuun journey is a 2d platformer being developed under clickteam fusion 2.5 developer edition, where you must go through Fuu3´s world as fuu3, fuu6, fuu9 and a few surprises along to stop the evil minus3´s plans to find and control all the palumanium he can find, a rare stone with the...
  2. Horn of Balance (SAGE '23 Demo)

    SAGE 2023 - Demo Horn of Balance (SAGE '23 Demo)

    Oh no! Your sweet and caring grandmama has been kidnapped by the villain "Heimgartner"! It falls upon your shoulders, as the young and excitable golem "Linden", to bravely explore a labyrinthian tomb in exchange for her safety! How can a golem have a grandmother? Who is this villain doing such...
  3. Dormiveglia - A Dreamlike Journey - [Updated 2022 Demo]

    SAGE 2023 - Demo Dormiveglia - A Dreamlike Journey - [Updated 2022 Demo]

    Dormiveglia is a 2D indie metroidvania developed by Round Cartridge, with a focus on puzzles and narrative. The journey begins from Spring Plaza, a peaceful village on the north of Elysium, one day Quinn is woken up by an inhabitant and asked to help them deal with the Sorceress Somnia who has...
  4. MF-01 Aerostrike (SAGE '23 Demo)

    SAGE 2023 - Demo MF-01 Aerostrike (SAGE '23 Demo)

    MF-01 AEROSTRIKE Summary: A Tactical Shmuplovania. Aerostrike combines elements from Metroidvania, Bullet Hell, and Shmup genres. Take flight in the MF-01 Aerostrike, explore a large underground base, battle against squadrons of hostile ships of all shapes and sizes, and find a way to escape...
  5. Sondro Gomez (SAGE '23)

    SAGE 2023 - Demo Sondro Gomez (SAGE '23)

  6. Kane TV: The Game (SAGE 2022 DEMO)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Kane TV: The Game (SAGE 2022 DEMO)

    "Kane TV: The Game" is a tribute game based on the Kane TV channel! Join Kane in his adventure on this cybernetic world, passing by many levels with a lot of references of his YouTube videos! You can visit his channel by clicking here! Controls: "Arrow" keys / Directional Pad / Left Analog -...
  7. Cottontales Tech Demo

    Cottontales Tech Demo

    **MEGA UPDATE** - Thanks to DJ Ear over on Twitter, I discovered I accidentally uploaded a build with only the last room accessible. Crunched a little too hard on this one it seems. My goodness. That has been fixed. Hope you guys actually enjoy this build! Hi there, my name is Apsel Bluestar...
  8. Pin The Pangolin

    Pin The Pangolin

    The twisted business man, Big Boss Commodore is threatening a whole species to extinction to cater his money craving needs. But Pin the Pangolin is determined to save his own kind. Follow and help Pin save his fellow Pangolins from Commodore in this 2D action platformer game. Defeat Commodore’s...
  9. Out-Class Hunter SAGE 2020 Demo

    Out-Class Hunter SAGE 2020 Demo

    ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD WHAT IS OUT-CLASS HUNTER? Out-Class Hunter is a fast paced platformer that aims to bring back things like hub worlds and fast paced gameplay. It even sports a mix of retro art styles and modern lighting techniques. A simple Single Player focused title that doesn't have...