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  1. Gatoslip : Chapter 0 [XMAS DEMO]

    Christmas SAGE 2023 Gatoslip : Chapter 0 [XMAS DEMO]

    Gatoslip is a MS-DOS themed RPG ROM hack of "Sonic the Hedgehog 1" on the SEGA Genesis / SEGA Mega Drive. AVERAGE PLAYTIME : 15 - 40 minutes (depending on how fast you can read) (if you've streamed this during normal SAGE, try to speedrun the demo!) (requirement : SEGA Genesis / SEGA Mega...
  2. Sonic With A Gun

    Complete Sonic With A Gun

    Sonic With A Gun (play in browser here) alters Epic Megagames' 1994 DOS game Jazz Jackrabbit (in graphics, enemies, and level design), primarily in the style of SEGA's 1991 Genesis/Megadrive game Sonic the Hedgehog. Certain details are also lifted from various other games, such as Sonic 2...
  3. Polyroll


    Kaiser Kiwi has kidnapped your roly poly friends and taken them to his Frigid Castle and only you can save them! Explore a colorful bug-themed world infused with retro charm and chock full of inventive hazards and enemies. Explore branching levels, fight quirky bosses, and save the day in this...