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  1. Greedy_Raider

    Bumper 2019 - GT Physics 2019 Unity

    Well as many people were asking me for a 2019 version on Bumper , I decided to go the extra mile and actually fix the problems with the collisions on the original Bumper. This version is the same old bumper but fully ported into 2019 version of Unity, and using part of the GT physics changes to...
  2. GT Bumper 2019

    Unity GT Bumper 2019

    Hello I'm Gabriel, Aka Greedy, creator of Sonic GT. During this time of crisis I thought I could provide something that people can use to distract their minds and explore their creativity. This is a fully working Bumper on Unity 2019, using the GT physics and one or 2 fixes to make it more...
  3. DPlex

    Sonic: Between Worlds Demo (SAGE 2019)

    "Sonic: Between Worlds" is a 3D Sonic fan project developed in Unity using SuperSonic68's "Bumper Engine". SBW consists of Sonic traveling through various iconic video game landmarks, such as Spiral Mountain from Banjo-Kazooie. The game will feature a story, and will explain why Sonic is going...
  4. DTheHedgehog

    Fan Game Sonic: Codename BACKSTREET

    Well, to be formal- I'm D The Hedgehog. I'm very active in a lot of places. If you remember Sonic Adventure 2 Title Prompts, I'm the guy who runs it. Since August of 2018, I've been working with Bumper Engine to create a fangame that breaks rules and boundaries of what the main fanbase seems to...
  5. Sonic Prototype

    Sonic Prototype

    MMAAAAANNNN I have learned alot from making this, first would be to never make a 3D level without a game plan going in. I spent a good chunk of time just redoing the level design until I came to this and even then, this is a really poor showing on my part and I feel bad that I wasn't able to...