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Switch Girl: Special Rescue Beauty (SAGE '21 Prototype)

This was a really fun one to play! short and quick but it does it's task of being fun.


-sailor moon/80's anime inspired
-fun gameplay
-clean, smooth animations, especially the rainbow circle
-great pixel art, especially the intro cutscene
-you guys put in accurate Japanese for this game? that's dedication


-maybe enemies should have a happy animation when they're 'defeated' so it's more visible that enemy is your friend. instead of a simple eye sprite change
-flesh out the NPC characters a little more so that the player can be more connected to them instead of quickly introducing characters and dismissing them

overall you guys did a really good job! hope to see you again next sage!
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Thank you so much for the positive feedback!
The first improvement is something a lot of people pointed out. I had some enemies in progress showing more expressivity, but I'm definitely going back to these ones and improve them.
Loved everything about it. The tone, the polished gameplay (I would love to be able to charge while running though), the switch mechanic, the music, and those little side objectives like saving the child under the car. Need exactly 10x more of that.

My only complaint is that pesky shooting dango. Those dudes are ROUGH. The bee move on the last boss feels a little pesky too, do you have to mash to get out before the bees? If so, I'd rather hold a button to handle that.
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Thank you for your words!
Being able to charge while running was one of the planned changes.
But the only way to escape the honey is by warping or letting it melt.
Warping! I didn't think of that, that's good.