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SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic the Fighters Blitz

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(Reminder: Version 1.0 Onwards are on the Gamejolt page. This is just the demo featured in SAGE 2022)

Sonic the Fighters Blitz is a 2D reimagining of Sonic the Fighters running on Ikemen GO. This was started as a way for me to practice animating on a more consistent basis. One year later, I'm now here, with this current build that includes all 8 original playable characters from the initial arcade release.
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Outside of these 8, the bosses from the original game, Metal Sonic and Eggman, as well as plenty of brand new characters who weren't playable in the original Sonic the Fighters are planned to be added over time.
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Hopy crap this was amazing!!
The translation from sonic the fighters into 2D works surprisingly well and i actually prefer sonic the fighters blitz than the orginal! The game has tons of personality and the sprite work is beyond amaizing and it captures the quirkiness of the OG Sonic the fighters all while having better controls than the original, not to mention it has an online mode and ive been able to play with my freinds! The chracters are all fun to use but Fang is deafinity kinda broken, his pop gun could be eaisly used to stun lock players or CPUs so that particular attack might need to be adjusted. All in all this game is stellar, it looks great, it plays great, and it sounds great and i cant wait to see the next update!
10/10 IGN

This is one of my highlights of SAGE this year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing my favourite Sonic Fighting game back to live with so much charm, personality and polish!

I love:
- All of the character designs. All the art is oozing with charm and the posing, while a little human, gives these characters so much bad ass energy. It really works well. Fang looks amazing. Amy is adorable! I want a platformer based on her victory screen alone
- The music, pretty much the same as the original, plus some added extras I wasn't expecting. It was a treat to hear this soundtrack again
- The new 2D gameplay. The changes made make perfect sense and I see lots of references to the original attacks. My memory is fuzzy, but it feels well recreated.
- The feedback, hitzones and animations. Excellent. I love this so much. You can punch sonic out of his spindash with reliable timing for example. I only really play smash as my main fighting game, but I can find no fault here
- The AI is surprisingly competent, and I love how they usually come back with a vengeance in Round 2.

Some nitpicks:
- It would be nice to see the Chaos Emeralds on the victory screens
- Joystick feels a little finnicky. Is it an 8 way control scheme? I'm not sure if I can explain this, but something feels too sensitive, it is too easy to accidentally jump for example.

Apart from that, I have fallen in love with this project and will keep it to play with my friends :)

I cant wait to get my ass wooped by Metal Sonic again
Even as a mugen game, this was way more fun to play than expected.

+fantastic gameplay
+unique artstyle
+great fighting cast to start off with
+barrier mechanic is cool
+making the game with the same button layout from the original was a smart idea!

improvement opinions:
-really needs song remixes of the stages (the round 2 remix in auroa icefield is a great example)
-also a colour palette picker would be cool
-arcade mode isn't finished so I played just for a 'congratulations'
-dodge button may be a bit OP? perhaps lessening the i-frames for it?

recommended game material:
Sonic Smackdown: If you haven't already, it's an amazing fighting game you should check out! full of characters and movesets remixed from other fighting games like MVC3 and street fighter.

I like your game and I'm looking forward to the next update!

(p.s. I made a honey the cat fighting moveset video a while back if you need some help with her )
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Restless Dipstick
Restless Dipstick
Thanks for the feedback!

First off, Arcade mode got a massive overhaul in 1.0. A lot of time was spent on it over the summer, so the Arcade Mode in 1.0 will be a HUGE step up compared to what's in this demo.

Two, yeah, Dodge was nerfed in 1.0. I almost included the changes to Dodge in this demo, but never got around to it 'cause I didn't wanna risk leaving something related to Arcade mode in anyone's files.

Three, I've known about Smackdown for years, it's really fun! I don't take that much inspiration from it, though, since Blitz and Smackdown are such different games fundamentally. Blitz being mostly based on the original StF and Smackdown going the Mahvel route.

Four, I plan on basing Honey's moveset off her Fighting Vipers appearances.


Holy fucking shit this is fun. I only downloaded this for the art style and animation, I don't give a dick about fighters- but everything is so snappy and responsive and fast, I actually LIKE this fighting game?!?
This is great! Everything I wanted out of a sonic fighting game! keep it up cause I'm loving what you're cooking up with this!
we found it boys, the first sonic mugen that doesn't have the AI using a hit-kill move in the first second of the fight.

neat game

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