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Sonic Metal Adventure (Sage 2018 demo)

This fangame is probably number 2 on my list of favorite 2d games, good job, I would like to see more of this fangame in the future
needs more works on level desing, is confusing in some parts.
A pretty good rush style game, although it's only one level it does show some promise

Sonic is really smooth to play as
Level Design

Metal Sonic is a bit wierd

My only real complaint about the game is Metal Sonic at the moment he feels like an afterthought while Sonic walljumping flows well with his homing attack the walljump (Which is essential to the level design atm) is odd to use with him, especially at high speeds. I think Metal might need a better way to traverse upward walls in order to mesh with his double jump, other than that so long as the level design doesn't fall to Dimps design (Holes and enemies placed unnaturally) The game could be really good I definitely see the promise so far.
It's pretty great all around. I really like the art style (sorta like... Super Mario Star Frenzy is the best comparison I can think of), although it could use some more color (just a personal preference). Not counting the lag on my weakling laptop, it feels great physics-wise, and if you have a better computer (chances are you do), then it should be perfect. The only complaint I have is that modified controls do not affect the Special Stage or the Road To Blue Coast level. Overall, 5/5. I'm looking forward to a full release of this!
This one was pretty good. The boost formula gameplay works pretty well with the fast paced and energetic level design going on here. Sonic controlled pretty well, and you can do crazy things with his boost and jump and whatnot. You can pull off a lot of stunts with this fluid movement. Metal Sonic wasn't half bad either, a life bar is definitely a good way to change things up, and I liked that he made Metal Sonic SLIGHTLY OP to compensate. The level design is also very fast, fluid, and has some great pacing. It rewards experimentation with the mechanics and is rather rewarding. There's also a nice cache of secrets lying in wait in a few levels, definitely had fun with it. Although, I'll be honest, The graphics are kinda ugly. The realistic textures do not look good, nor do the MOD.GEN sprites, pretty good otherwise