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Sonic Mania Project: LWM (Live Wallpaper Maker) for Android Smartphones

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Sonic Mania Project: LWM is a Project set on bringing the memorable scenery and visuals to the phone with all of it's details including Parallax Scrolling, Act Gimmicks and emulated effects from said Zones.

-Android Smartphone/Tablet from before 2016 at least, any less would make these Themes hard to run in.
-Live Wallpaper Maker (Linked here):


What's Sonic Mania Project: LWM?

SMPLWM (You know what it means) is a little side project of mine that i've been steadily working on for the past few months (Since May 2019).

What's the purpose of this Project?

This project came into fruition after being inspired with the thinking that there's a lot of people who often enjoy subtlety in their aesthetic choices in life (Such as me!) and other sources of influences have driven me to crack open a tool called "Live Wallpaper Maker" which is a application (you'll need it to run the Themes i offer here) that allows users to create custom phone backgrounds that more accurately replicate games from the 8 to 32bit eras or just Pixel Art in general.

Using that APP i managed to string together a bunch of Themes (A Theme is a Zip file that contains the assets to run in LWM) based on Sonic Mania for others to enjoy!

So any screenshots?

Yes! i do, here's a few examples.


How many Themes have you made?

I have made about 22 (Soon 24) Themes since May 2019 with having only completed Angel Island Zone, Green Hill Zone and recently Press Garden Zone. I'm not sure how many more i've got in mind but they pile up due to how unique the layouts of Mania are, from Mania to Encore and to Aboveground n' Underground there's a lot happening in these Zones.

How do i set up LWM to use SMP:LWM?

Good news! I made a video explaining how to install the themes and adjust it to your needs here below.

Even if you are lost, don't worry! You can always contact me via discord or twitter if you ever need additional assistance!
Discord: Rummy#0163 Twitter: RummySM

No IOS/IPhone Support?

Sadly LWM (Live Wallpaper Maker) isn't on the App Store, Nor that i can't track down a similar enough application to make this project cross compatible, Sorry IOS Users!

Will Stardust Speedway Act 1 Ever come??
In time, but for now look at the poll, i'll help if you can tell me what to do next.

Here's a google drive link, should you want to download specific parts or browse the files as an alternative to the entire zip! Updates will likely show up on the google drive first, so be sure to check there!


A huge thanks to all the people who've helped me with this project!

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