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Sonic Eternal (Demo)

this game is so beautyfull! the graphics are so highly detailed and the levels are really fun to play, but it could use some polish in the cutscenes and music loops, i'm exited to see how will the final game be like!
Overall, this demo was fairly solid. The only thing it needs is more polish, the lack of it sticks out like a sore thumb. Some of the graphics kinda clash, the cut scenes feel rushed and incomplete, and the music fades out and takes a second to return, which feels kinda awkward. But the level design and music themselves are really good, not to mention most of the graphics. I had a pretty good time playing this demo, and I wonder what the full game will be like.
I had quite a fun time playing this but it needs some polish.
Programming wise, there were a few things that bothered me.
First off, Shadow's homing attack target seems to really go nuts with certain enemies.
Second, the character select is really weird. I've seen many people, including myself, get stuck in that character select.

Graphic wise, there's a bit of a sprite clash. For example, Sonic's sprite style is different from Knuckles's sprite style.

And this is a bit of a nitpick of mine but I think you could try adding some custom enemies and bosses since that would make the game stand out a bit more.
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This is my fangame dreamed, especially for the music, I want more of this, I want to see it finished, I would say the best of SAGE.
I would love to see more of this, but as a negative point, it is sometimes easy to get lost in the levels and the placement of enemies makes one lose instantly.
I enjoyed this quite a bit. Good graphics, decent levels, and several playable characters with different styles. It works well. I couldn't get my gamepad to work with it though.
Gameplay: Not a bad one by any means. I like the flow oriented design of the stages, even if all of them come off as easy. While I didn't have much of a chance to try out the new playable characters, this game was pretty much fun to play anyways. Although there was a noticable lack of gimmicks that are there to make the stage stand out. Sure there are ice blocks and bumpers, but outside of that, none of the gimmicks really make the stages stand out. A letdown compared to how much good level design that is there.

Graphics: The repurposed assets bring a joy to my eye as everything looks so blush, detailed, and nice to look at. The only gripe I have is that the Graphics can get WAY too busy at times to the point where it hurts my eyes. Not that it's bad looking, just busy.

~6.5/10 needs gimmicks
Solid level design, though not without a few bugs and kinks to work out. Nice aesthetic, great choices of music, and bonus points for including Amy as a playable character. Liking what I see so far, keep up the good work!