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Petit Hedgehog - SAGE 2017 Preview

The unique art design and fresh assets really caught my eye, and do a really great job of bringing the levels to life. The gameplay feels super smooth to boot, which accompanies some solid level design. My only criticism for this build would be the lack of badniks in the stages... I think with more enemies the levels would feel more full and complete, for lack of better words. Otherwise, really fun to play - both as Sonic and Shadow!
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This game is good but will be a little more faster with a boost
This game is great! I absolutely love the art style and the levels are fun. The only downside for me is that it controls awkwardly sometimes. The homing attack also glitches out sometimes but it doesn't break the flow of the game. Next you should add a sprite with a Shadow end sign, since it just shows Sonic when you beat the level (I hope you know what I mean). That's pretty much all I can say about this game, it's just fun.
This is the best one I've played!
this is a pretty good game, but I think you should add mighty, tails, knuckles, and ray to the game so there's more variety on gameplay! :emoji_grinning::emoji_smile::emoji_slight_smile:
This was pretty fun. The visuals were nice and simple, and pretty to look at. The GBA remixes were put together well. The game was a little wonky at spots, but it was definitely playable. I'd work on the level design though. Parts where I'm assuming Sonic was meant to do a speed thing didn't work, and I'm still unsure how you're meant to get to certain places. And the homing attack was pretty finicky for me, sometimes it just flat out missed stuff even though the aiming reticle was on. But this was a nice follow up to the previous demo, hope to see more.
I just played this game, and I actually really enjoyed it. Sonic in 2D with moves from the modern games fits really well in this game! The music is good. Being able to play as Shadow too is pretty cool and the Chaos Dive is a neat ability for Shadow. The demo may have been short, but it was still great. I'm looking forward for the full release!
I really liked it! The whole game is pretty fun and the art style is pretty cute and original. However, there are some minor-ish technical problems. Like the trail effects don't really work properly, and the camera is kinda messed up. I'm also kinda disappointed that the gameplay doesn't really offer anything unique. It's just another well made Sonic game, this time with a different art style.
I really like the style you're going for here. It's very nice to look at, the music was great. I love that Shadow is playable and has both different stats and moves from Sonic. I can't wait to see a full version of this. Keep it up.