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Kyle & Lucy (SAGE '18)

looks like it's going to be great
This game is an artistic masterpiece. The expressive sprites and surreal world give this game its own tone and identity that feel like they came from the best kind of 1990's fever dream.

There's a bit of a learning curve to the controls, at least as Kyle (I have yet to try out Lucy,) but it's very satisfying to pull off tricks with the rollerblades.
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I really love this game! You go on exploring a big unknown world. With 2 different characters and abilities... It's INCREDIBLE!
i'll keep this short since i'm not a fast typer,
i think this game is alright i like the characters and i like the look of the world but there focusing on exploration, if there focusing on exploration then they need items like in the legend of zelda that help you find secrets.
also the level design is to blocky and doesn't flow very well.

that's all i had to say thank you.
The game offers a pleasurable experience of replaying levels and giving meaningful collectables that engage the player in exploring new parts of the level. The character designs are Animaniacs-like and will certainly catch the attention of anyone, not to mention the graphics are done really faithfully to what perhaps would be a 32x game.
With the newly added "wall spindash" and wall grabbing, the game combines some simple aspects of Sonic's and Knuckles's areas of level design and it feels really satisfying to get the hang of it.
This game is really well done, even for demo standards. I've played this for like a whole hour.
The controls and the physics are amazing, the Level Design was built to fit every ability, as well as having platforming and exploration. I will definitely play the full version. 10/10
Kyle and Lucy is a quality game with very nice visuals and music that gets backed up with some amazing gameplay in form of Sonic meats Super Meat Boy in a way. This demo is very polished and reminds me alot of Disney games that was made by Capcom such as Mickey Mania and Quackshot! But ofc the best mechanic is obviously the moveset and oh boy do I like scating around if I got speed or run on walls. This plays like I wish a sonic game would.
Incredibly beautiful game. It's feels good to explore these levels, being not too big to get lost in and not too small either. It feels just right.

As for controls, that too feels good. It's easy to see it's influence from Sonic but the ability to speed up the walls help distinguish it from it.
Also the character designs are charming, always a fan of rubber-hose styled characters.
The pixel art and gameplay it's really fun and adictive.
but for a future, the backgrounds needs animations, and the sprites..they do not fit well with the drawing design of the scenarios.
Also the music, i feel it transient, it sounds nice but I would like something more moved.

I really want to see more of this, a spectacular job guys.
Gameplay: This game is fun to play. I love the open ended level design as well as the character's abilities. The exploration factor of Wonderworld is definitely prevalent here. It's open, easy to explore, and fun to discover. I would like to have more to say about the gameplay than I do now but this game plays well and I definitely enjoyed it.

Graphics/Music: The graphics looks absolutely gorgeous with gratuitous amounts of detail put into the spritework and background work. It looks absolutely stunning. The sprites are also well drawn and animated as well, the game as a whole is pretty to look at. If I have to gripe about something, It's that the cutscene art, whilst well drawn (and i absolutely love the designs btw) look a little sketchy, but good otherwise. The music was also pretty funky with Woofle (composer of freedom planet) absolutely nailing it with the style.

~8/10 i definitely enjoyed it
very potential game which have interesting gameplay and glorious OST
The art direction for this game is absolutely stunning. It's nostalgic ambiance evokes memories of Felix the Cat, Klonoa, and of course Sonic games. Very well animated, and i love the implementation of the wall dash mechanic for traversal. I look forward to seeing more from you.