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Hechhoeg Tweaks is a tiny mod for Sonic Mania that fixes a couple of oddities introduced by Mania Plus, which never received a patch.

Fixes in the mod include, but are not limited to:
  • The Death Egg Robot's underside no longer turns orange in the post-GHZ Act 2 cutscene
  • To the same effect, Heavy Shinobi's undershirt and arm/leg guards no longer turn solid black in the same cutscene
  • The Egg Robo cart at the end of the top left route in Titanic Monarch Act 2 no longer sends you through an unavoidable wall of damage.
  • Misplaced tiles during the transition between Flying Battery Zone Act 1 and Act 2 have been corrected
  • Metallic Madness Zone Act 1 is now beatable without using the Seesaw gimmick, allowing you to avoid using them in Encore Mode (where they can randomly kill you due to an unknown glitch). This also means new routes and Encore exclusive secrets have been added.
  • SuperSonic16's mod "Tiny Mania Patches" was also integrated into this mod, with their kind permission - meaning the mod also fixes the crash with Mighty's Hammer Drop in Titanic Monarch Act 1's boss, and removes the leftover Special Stage speedup function.
I've also made an extra version of the mod with one extra bonus - it adds back in the giant chain found in the files of Lava Reef Zone! Whether this is accurate to the developer's intent or not, I'm not 100% sure, but it's there as a separate version of the mod for those who want it.

There are other mods that aren't included in the files of this mod, but are highly recommended to be used alongside it:
The scope of this mod is mostly on stuff that can be fixed through palette, sprite or level editing - as I'm not exactly a coder.


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