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instant hall of fame game hands down!

it seems unity is a heavy influencer for the games on EXPO this year but if it keeps making quality games like yours i ain't complaining

-retinana kid is too darn adorable my heart exploded send help.
-ps1 asethic rocks
-frogun soundfont
-frogun talking to you as tutorial is cool
-"and the graphics, that's what it's all about" -rapper dunkey mentions
-polished gameplay
-rotating the camera is very helpful during occasions
-it's got challenging game design
-the jump isn't weighty or floaty, a good mixture


-after shooting frogun at a wall then falling via roll animation, if you fall in a bottomless pit you do not die but spin forever. [fun fact; after leaving the roll animation in a bottomless pit for more than 2 minutes, the HUD will start vigorously shaking.]

-the 'oh' soundboard doesn't express the pain on the kid's face. she should be going 'WAAAAHHH' but that would probably be annoying after dying countless times

-since the camera is a collision object, it bumps into walls or the walls pushes the camera into your player model. idk unity coding at all but it's a minior complaint
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I feel the best thing about Frogun is how it's based almost entirely around a single mechanic, the Frogun. It is both an attack and a platforming tool, which is what makes the game so simple and appealing. I will also freely concede that the graphics are cute and charming, and admittedly execute the modern low-poly look far better than my own project. I'll be buying the full game once it's available. You guys earned it!
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