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Christmas SAGE 2023 Danger Cliff - Special Christmas Demo

I like what's on display here and had some unique ideas and cool movement for a 2D platformer. (Note: I've not played all of the demo but I think I can review some of the game.)

However, there are some things I'd like to critique some aspects and see reworked to make the experience more smooth and enjoyable:
1. It be nice if hitting boxes extended the length for the Cone Rush since it's a bit awkward to plow through some but not the whole way through.

2. I'd maybe suggest that jumps and maybe even the Cone Rush could be controlled with the amount of time pressing the button for added precision. Instead of it being fixed or toggling respectively. I'll also add on that, the burst of speed after getting out of Cone Rush makes precise landings really tricky especially with the level design placing spikes in tight spreads.

3. When attacking some bosses and even some enemies I traded hits when I didn't feel like I shouldn't have. Adding some Invincabitly frames could fix that or at least at the end, the interaction seems to happen at the end of the attack.

4. When Cone Rushing up or down, having some movement left or right would feel more natural even if it was not by much.

5. This might be a bit much but if enemies attack's hurt you instead of touch damage it could make some cramped spaces feel less of a struggle.

6. More animations for different conditions would help a lot, like for high jumping, when you can't Cone Rush, or when the move is about to end. (Yes the sparkles do help but easier identifiers are usually always helpful.)

7. In Construction Chaos with the lowering platforms. it be cool if Cone Rushing into them made them move much faster.

8. Respawning takes a little to long for my liking but it's not that bad, still I'd like to get back into things as so as I die.

9. A map would be really helpful as it does forget where I haven't explored.

10. I think some bosses go on for to long and could use weak points to make fights more interesting and better-paced.

11. The quick fall is nice but since there are a lot of times you Cone Rush down above spikes you hit the spikes for going too fast. I don't think it's necessary but if you want to keep it, then maybe add a small jump after hitting a spike from above.

Level specifics:
1. Some bosses not having check point before them is pretty rough, I had some issues but over wall got through it but I can definitely see newer players being turned off like for Metropolis Wood's boss.

2. In Sand Shower, the breakable rocks are hard to navigate and feel very daunting with hazards and pits around them. (Especially for world 2) I'd suggested they interrupt your Cone Rush and always pop you into the air but anything would help.

3. Sand Shower's boss fight is a bit rough. Cool idea but too many factors work against you, could use a checkpoint right before, a better presence instead of it immediately attacking and the area is brutal with Its moves and your controls.

4. Metropolis Wood's conveyors could be made easier to tell which way their going. Also, some platforms with leaves covering under them should probably be filled in to prevent bugs and confusion. Example: To the left, you can jump under the platform above the big saw mini-boss. Getting stuck above the event.

5. Toxic Wood's spikes could use a different "texture", the rising poison section is a bit long, the boss is a bit spammy, and a little hard to tell how to hit it. Besides that, it's a decent level. (Though I'll say maybe make the warp back have a menu asking instead of doing it instantly when touching it. The reason being, I beat the boss but didn't grab my reward... pain%)

Overall a challenging fun time with some quirks and some issues to iron out. Cool stuff% B)
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Thank you very much for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated. I'll try to fix some of these issues next time I update the game. Particularly, I'm going to tinker around with adding more movement-based settings to personalize your experience.

Also, while I don't plan to add a map to for the game's levels, there is a feature where Boxer will rotate to point his cone-hat toward any Flash Drives you haven't collected yet.

I experimented a lot with this game, and as a result, some of it is kinda jank. I'm currently working on a sequel which will expand upon the good parts of this game, and hopefully mitigate said jank (you can get updates on my progress if you check the discord or twitter links).
Update: I've updated the game and addressed some of the critiques in the original post.