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sonic 2d

  1. Sonic The Last Hope

    Complete Sonic The Last Hope

    Sonic The Last Hope is my first fan game. At the moment it is an alpha version of the game. It has 9 game zones divided into 3 acts. Third act boss fight. In the final version of the game, it is planned to add 5 more intermediate zones and the final zone, where there will be a boss fight in...
  2. Emerald Fighters (SAGE 2022 Demo)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Emerald Fighters (SAGE 2022 Demo)

    Punch, shoot, fly and dash alongside Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Knuckles and more, as you take down Dr. Eggman's Eggpawns in this demo of Emerald Fighters, a fan-game based on the blue hedgehog franchise, found in currently in development. Characters: Screenshoots: Gameplay...
  3. Sonic Momentum (Alpha Release)

    Sonic Momentum (Alpha Release)

    ABOUT: Sonic Momentum is a fan-game aimed to inject new ideas into the existing 2D Sonic franchise and create a new, fun, and interactive way to play. This demo (although short) is meant to present these base ideas to further expand upon them in the future. Currently, there is no story, multiple...