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  1. Espada de Sheris

    Demo Espada de Sheris

    ×Enter a rich-story post-apocalyptic world× with cats and aliens and 2d parkour ×platformer× ({××}) Story In the year 4000's, in a post apocalypse earth, the world has been divided by cats and aliens of the duzker species, but a...
  2. Demon Legend

    Demon Legend

    Hello and welcome SAGE fans! (Notice: updated build can be found at while the SAGE servers are unable to accept new downloads) The game: Demon Legend is a retro action platformer set in a Yokai apocalypse, and features many Japanese legends / Yokai...
  3. Lloyd the Monkey (Version 1.1)

    Lloyd the Monkey (Version 1.1)

    The year is 2250. Monkey and man finally live in harmony, and the planet has healed from centuries of pollution and degradation. However, an army of dark beings seek to destroy everything that simians have made. The only one standing in their way is the swordsman Lloyd the Monkey, who must...