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  1. BrazSonic 20XX

    SAGE 2023 - Complete BrazSonic 20XX

    After one year off, despite being a bit late, BrazSonic 20XX is back on track, and this time as a complete game. A lot of stuff happened this long time I have been working on the project, new features, like levels, characters, gameplay modes, and of course, the game's story have been...
  2. BrazSonic 20XX Demo++

    BrazSonic 20XX Demo++

    A year has passed since SAGE 2020, a great moment for BrazSonic 20XX to bring the best of Brazil and Sonic to the world. During that time, I've been working hard to finish the project, which in turn demands a lot of things like stages, plot, playable characters. This year, I intended not to...
  3. BrazSonic 20XX

    BrazSonic 20XX

    BrazSonic 20XX is an actual reboot of the BrazSonic series, with no links with any previous games. The reason for this restart is due to the fact that the BrazSonic 1 is already very outdated, and also BrazSonic 2 does not have been succeeded over the last few years. The game is set in Brazil...