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Christmas SAGE 2023 XmasFlow (CSAGE 2023 DEMO)

Besides a menu big that soft-locks the game (I think pressing enter too fast when dying) there are not many problems with the game, it's does what it does best and that's being a really fun fast-paced platformer. Granted it can get frustrating trying to get a good flow for you to constantly die either because you get by an enemy that you were rushing into, or not making a jump because the balloons didn't give you enough high.

Lots of small inconsistencies that make replaying a level for all metals, not the best experience. I am on keyboards so I'm not sure if that's affecting anything, also I tried making use of the dash to help recover some of these situations but found it too weak to help, or me not having enough time to react causing me to mix up the buttons. (I don't blame the game for this but It did stop me from trying for the top keys and taking levels slows. I'll add the pro-virus challenge it pretty fun. c: )

I guess the lack of I-frames isn't great either but the game is so fast you don't mind it that much. Maybe the bounce flow combo is a bit hard to execute sometimes though I don't know what could be done about that besides making the window a bit easier. Also, the death window pops in and out so fast, wish I could read some of the messages without needing to die on purpose. (oh and a way to check out customs without going into a level each time.)

The only other thing I think would be cool is that bouncing and dashing doesn't kill your top speed. Though I like how it works currently, maybe as a bonus after say beating the game you could get that as your reward. To help clear up times but also say go for a top-secret key only possible with the added movement tools plus do the other tasks as well. (Could be cool, though you could toggle it off in options if plays don't want that.)

Finally some really small things, it be neat if Kila tilted on steep terrain and had an option to zoom the camera out a little bit.

Overall a great replayable fast-paced game with very few problems that most won't mind I'd imagine.
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The controls take a bit to get used to, but once you do, this is peak gaming right here. The levels were also really challenging which is always good to see and every time I died (a lot) it was because of something I needed to improve on. Very much looking forward to what comes from this project; would love to see other mechanics thrown in like the flip-panels from Mario Galaxy, or conveyor belts, or other things that would make want to bang my head against my keyboard (with joy).

The main trouble I had was confusion in some of the earlier tutorial levels about why the Flow-move was sending me upward (it preserves any upward momentum you currently have for a couple seconds, allowing you to go even higher); would recommend a bit more explanation from the very beginning about this move; would be a shame if someone gave up before fully understanding this fantastic movement system. Keep up the good work!