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Sonic the Hedgehog - Blasting Adventure

This is sooo cool (Just a thought) could u add boost pls.

And will tails come to?
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I don't see how boosting would improve this, since Sonic games with Boost are designed around Boosting instead of just "here's a level not designed for boosting, here's the boost ability, go nuts".
That Coolest Account 3.0
That Coolest Account 3.0
This doesen't needs boosting, the game was designed to go over Sonic 1-styled controls and physics (SG/MD) so there's no need for a boost.
Also an Boost option would be pretty hard to coding and/or it would make the game almost unplayable.
Edit: Also Tails is already playable.
The Sonic Master System/Game Gear controls fit in really well! And it's quite a BLAST to play. 10/10.
Thank you very much!