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New Profile Posts

  1. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    Much progress has been made on Hyper's Quest 2: High Voltage. Who knows? By God's grace, it might appear at SAGE this year.
  2. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    Great news, everyone! I just got a new computer not too long ago, so I can get started working on HQ2 again!
  3. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    The clock is ticking...
  4. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    Waiting to get a new computer so I can work on my game again
  5. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    Computer's being an absolute dimwit, so Hyper's Quest 2 updates will be pretty much non-existent this summer
  6. HyperSonic Fan
  7. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    Hyper's Quest 2. Summer time. You know what that means.
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  8. XPool
    Subscribe to Pewdiepie or I'll delete your Fortnite account
  9. XPool
    Hey all. Unfortunately the Mac Port for Hyper's Quest 2 is no longer in development due to a very huge issue with opening the game.
  10. XPool
    Bobs or Vagana whichever will it be?
  12. ChiChu
    ChiChu Great Lange
  13. XPool
    Hey Scott, all here