The Perfect Music Style For Sonic?


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Aug 29, 2017
Exactly what it says on the tin. What do you guys think is the perfect type of music for Sonic?

In my opinion, it's a tie between the New Jack Swing-inspired tunes of Sonic 3, and the catchy, laid-back rock melodies in Sonic Adventure 1.



Green Hill Zone
Aug 14, 2017
In terms of classic sonic, pretty much the only definitive answer to the question would be with Sonic CD's kind of stuff.

However in terms of more modern, post-2000s sonic music I really don't see this thrown around often. When I think of a kind of music style that fits the modern idea of sonic the hedgehog, I usually think of the kind of sample-heavy breakbeat music that naganuma brought to the table in Sonic Rush, which was then essentially revitalized to be more in line with the sonic series by ohtani and nanba in Sonic Rush Adventure. These kinds of tracks really capture the quick, fast-paced action whilst not really 'limiting' itself to a specific set of sounds. What made Rush/Rush Adventure's music so special and so unique was how every sample used was taken from a variety of soundsets, with modern rock guitar samples being overlayed with hip-hop/trance drum beats and even orchestral clips being used once in a while. It really made for a diverse, experimental, but most importantly unique music style that I feel fits modern sonic's character the most. This was even apparent in CD, how it utilized a ton of hip-hop drum breaks and vocal shouts in combination with the old 90s synth patches.
However, I don't think the kind of rock sound that was introduced in Adventure is necessarily unfitting, I just feel that the fact that you can easily classify it as "rock" makes it feel a bit too simplified for sonic the hedgehog. How 06 and a ton of other modern sonic games handled their music is that they simply used kind of 'rock-inspired' guitar licks and riffs with a variety of synths and instruments that aren't usually associated in a rock style.

If I had to pick a second composer that I felt perfectly captured sonic throughout the years, it's Kenichi Tokoi. His work on colours was especially incredible, how he managed to mix up a diverse set of genres for each of the planets. It made a lot of sense that a lot of the songs were drastically different, but they still all had driving beats to give it that quick feel.

Basically, I think the most important thing to keep in mind with sonic music is that:
- It needs to be fast-paced (not necessarily just fast)
- It needs to be diverse
- It needs to fit the aesthetic
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Aug 28, 2017
I actually like a blend of styles for Classic Sonic. Thinking Sonic CD's style mixed with Sonic 3's. I don't particularly like the idea of either/or standing on their own. Both have become integral to the core of Sonic's identity, and both bring their own unique flavor to the games that can really diversity the soundtrack in a good way.

I'd like to see Modern Sonic take a crack at Drum and Base, and Power Metal. Power Metal for themes, and Drum and Base for level music. Both fit the style of Modern very well, and multiple bands have even composed songs that would fit right at home in a Sonic game.


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Aug 29, 2017
Hm... I rather think it depends on the themes of the game itself. Consider the various Mario games. Mario 64 was a step into a new dimension, and reflected this with its energetic, larger-than-life songs. Sunshine had a fun tropical feel, so the music was largely beach-ey and nautical. Galaxy's themes were epic and orchestral to reflect the mysterious space voyage. 3D World was simple and lighthearted to reflect its arcade-y feel.

That said, while I don't mind a bit of rock here and there, I think the core foundation of the classics is mostly pop-related. Vaporwave reminds me a lot of classic Sonic games and their colorful, experimental a e s t h e t i c.
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Green Hill Zone
Oct 15, 2017
As far as I'm concerned, Sonic doesn't have one single 'perfect' style owing to different themes of the games (the darker themes of Sonic 06 versus the lighthearted feel of earlier Genesis games), however I would say certain musical characteristics need to be present. Specifically, the music needs pace to give the player that adrenal rush feel to compliment the speed of the game, whilst also using melodies to carry the songs. The lack of memorable melodies is why I think Sonic 4's score was a failure, for example. It had pace, but...not much else.
I think the rock style of the modern games has suited quite well, as I don't think the chiptune-esque Genesis era music would work for it, but the same vice versa (genesis games with rock soundtracks don't work, but the chiptune stuff does work). That's why I think the characteristics of the music are more important than style.
I'd also say generally the best Sonic themes feel upbeat (Green Hill, Sky Sanctuary, Metal Harbour, Planet Wisp) but that's more of a subjective thing I think.
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Radical Dreamers

Green Hill Zone
Jan 7, 2018
Really depends what game it is. Classic games like Mania should stick with 90s House/Pop, since it's ideal with Sonic's rebellious and cool attitude. Tee Lopes nails Sonic music though.


Press Start Screen
Oct 2, 2018
I second OPs thoughts. But I'd like to add the sonic adventure 2 music also. And sonic lost worlds swing music. Why not the sonic advance series too.


Marble Zone
Jul 25, 2018
Certainly Jazz and Latin infused music. I think those are the pieces of music that marked me the most out of all the soundtracks for Classic Sonic, other than those I couldn't fit into a genre