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Aug 29, 2017
United States

Superstar Technic is a game I'm making in GameMaker: Studio, inspired by several classics. It's still very early in development, to the point where the first level is unfinished and unbeatable. However, I've already made a lot of material for the game, and it has changed greatly over the past few years.

Technic's main ability is his arm stretch punch, and he's able to aim it in up to 8 directions. He will likely have other abilities too, which I haven't decided on yet.

Here's some GIFs of the game (still very WIP, and some debug stuff can be seen in them).

Lastly, here's Technic's backstory. May change it a bit, as it's really silly, but that was kind of the point. The wording could be better in some places too though, as I haven't touched it in a while.

"On the planet of Automatopia (the future version of Earth, after humanity was nearly wiped out), there lived a teenager named Nic. He was 17 years old, and was visiting the city of Shapesburg with his parents.

While going for a walk on his own, he realized what was happening. The city was being invaded by robots. This isn't the first time he had encountered evil robots.

Many times, he and his family had narrowly escaped cities which were being invaded by robots. It had almost become a common occurrence. These evil robots are the creation of (currently unnamed villain), who is part robot himself.

No one knows his origin, but perhaps it will be known later.

However, Nic wasn't so lucky this time. While trying to run, two robots grabbed ahold of him, and escorted Nic to one of their flying vehicles. They soon arrived at the base of the villain, where Nic met him for the first time.

The villain then said, “Send him through the cyborg machine!”. Though, Nic tried to resist, he was strapped in, and went on a conveyor belt through, what had to be the most painful experience in his life.

He then arrived at the other end of the machine. At first, he was in pain and upset, then felt a bit weird, and all of a sudden, felt completely fine.

The villain looked at the “T” planted on his chest (each cyborg is assigned a random letter) and cleverly named him “Technic”.

You see, the purpose behind turning Nic into Technic, was not only to serve as the villain's robotic slave, but also, a music player. Technic had a disc (CD) drive on his stomach, to which he would sing any music on any disc inserted.

The villain then said, “Alright, Technic, sing me my favorite song on this disc!” and inserted the disc into Technic. Technic was already programmed to know the villain's favorite song, so he made no hesitation to start singing it.

However, the villain soon realized something was clearly wrong. He found Technic's singing to be atrocious, which it had been all his life, to many people.

The villain then got angry, and asked to one of his robots, “Why didn't his voice enhancer get put in?”.

It then responded with, “Sir, you told us to put him through the machine, before I could tell you it was in need of repairs.”.

The villain then become furious, and told his robot slaves to send Technic to Junkyard. This was a place where all the faulty robots and cyborgs go, to be tortured until finally destroyed.

While on his way to Junkyard, again, in a flying vehicle, Technic started feeling, a bit weird. At first, he simply didn't know what was going on, but then, suddenly felt pain, then anger and the urge to disobey.

His mind control had lost signal, which was another fault of his due to the machine needing repair.

Technic then said, “No way I'm getting thrown out!”, destroyed the robots on board, to which he learned about and practiced his new abilities, and then took control of the vehicle.

He landed it back in Shapesburg, which was still being invaded by robots. He then began on his journey, to help win not only the Battle of Shapesburg, but also, the Robotic War."

You can visit these links to keep up with the game's progress:

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