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Fan Game Sonic Seaside Adventure


Aug 14, 2017
A lot of chit-chat is going on there, but no real word about the fangame. This thread must have some screenshots, description, demos. Especially the first post, it's very important! PLEASE update the information about your fangame in accordance to our rules.

5. Guidelines for Fan Games/Hacks Threads

5.1 -
You must provide substantial proof that your project actually exists. Once you have at least a couple of screenshots, you're free to create a thread for your project.
5.2 - Threads with only story and/or mock ups are not allowed.
5.3 - Creating threads solely for recruiting help for your upcoming projects is forbidden. You can, however, ask for help on the same thread of your ongoing project.
5.4 - Don't create multiple threads for a same project, if you absolutely must (as in, the project was radically changed and the old content no longer applies) please inform a staff member before doing it so.
5.5 - You can only create threads of projects that aren't yours with given permission from the original author.
5.6 - Try your best to make your thread look presentable. Threads with huge, bright-colored Comics Sans letters will be stripped of all styling.