Sonic FG! My Sonic FanGame!


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Nov 21, 2021
h guys, my first post here, and im here to introduce my new(and first :) sonic fangame!

he is programmed on game maker 8.1 standard
1- game maker studio fully brokes the code
2- game maker studio 2 works nicely...but crashes my pc

i will let some screenshots from the alpha, i will not put download link now, because its very very broken, when i solve the some of them, and make it....playable, i will make a new post with the download link 15203

*need to put spring collision
*need to improve homing attack precision
*need to solve some broken animation like duck and up
*need to solve broken qte
*need to center the sprites
*need to solve some homing attack bugs
*and add a better camera