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Hack Sonic 2 ReMastered

Mr. Cat

Green Hill Zone
Aug 29, 2017
After several years, the next Sonic 8 bit hack arrives!

Now you can play 3 all-new zones, completely with new layout and artwork! And remember to sometimes stop and go sightseeing, the surroundings are pretty interesting...


* Seaside Hill Zone
A paradise filled with palmtrees and flowers. When you go into the cave, don't worry, just watch out for those spikes!

* Cyan Speedway Zone
The giant city under the starry sky. Here you can run as fast as you can, but don't forget to hop over enemies!

* Dream Gate Zone
A mysterious castle somehow flying in the clouds. Enjoy your way, but don't fall.

Well, that's all for now. Have fun playing!



* Hack -- Mr.Cat
* Testing -- Abyssal Leopard, VAdaPEGA, GF ThePlayer
* Guides -- Ravenfreak, Mikel


The hack above is the version I released 1 year ago on SHC 2016. Have a sneak peek promo image of the next version coming... when it's ready.