Some Bloke Off Of Twitch


Green Hill Zone
Sep 14, 2020
Hello there!

My name's Tom. About a million years ago I was a member of this forum called Tonto (back when Sonic Time Attacked was being released and Sonic Epoch was nearly a thing - I know, right, aaaages ago!) I'm in awe of how friggin' talented this community was and still is. I've started a Twitch channel as a hobby and I would really love to showcase fan games on the stream from time to time. If I do, I obviously want to make sure the right people get the right plugs.

So I'm gonna kinda lurk and, if I play a few of them, I'd like to come to you for consent (you can tell me to bugger off if you want, I get that.) I just wasn't sure of the protocol and I wanted to touch base and say hello. Feel free to check out some of the stuff I've been doing at

I'm on Twitter as well @TomCampbell - if you would like to chat it would be great to talk! :)

Happy Monday to you and yours!