Fan Game Old Game That I Created That I Wanted To Share.


Sep 19, 2020
Hi. I am new here and just wanted an excuse to get a feel for the forums. The game here is called "ReDuo". This is my first project I made in Scratch that I am VERY proud of. Basically, there is a Red Ship and a Blue Ship. There is a story I made up, but c'mon this game is as simple as it gets. Probably can run on a pregnancy test for what I know. Anyways, you, the blue ship, are supposed to collect these capsules (Yes believe it or not, those are in fact capsules) that randomly generates around the screen. Your goal is too collect those capsules before the red ship collects a lot, because if he does, you become so slow that he will hit you, and trust me, he will hit you. Instead of the casual "Pong-Ball" movement, he curves and twists and bounces off the wall so he can kill you. Originally, He was supposed to bounce like a pong ball but spin for effect, but when I tried it, he moved like he moves, and I thought this was cool so I built the game off of that. Anyways, the more capsules you collect the faster you and the red ship go. This is a High-Score game, where you go and beat the high-score that you or your friend got. No WorldWide high-scores here, only what the game remembers you having last time. Sorry for the long description, here is the game now:

I will provide a video of the game below (Sorry for no audio)


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