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Music Musician/Producer for a Sonic fan game.


StereoPixel Music!
Jan 7, 2019
Hey there people!

My name is StereoPixel, I've been a Sonic fan from the very begging, all the way back with Sonic 1 on the MegaDrive and also the Master System. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't Sonic what led me in the direction that I did.

I'm a musician and I have been for some time. I started off by making remixes of Sonic and retro game songs, Then slowly grew into making something more original and my own style. A long time ago I was on here and I worked on the Sonic: Edge of Darkness soundtrack but sadly that project went into hiatus. That was some time ago though, if anyone from those days on this forum remember me then hi!

Anyways, I'm looking to offer my skills for any creators here on the site, I appreciate the time and effort it takes into making a fan game and that's why I ask please only creators who have a beta build or playable build of there game to only contact me, I do not mean any offense by this but I've seen so many amazing concepts die in the production stage just down to people not realizing the time and effort needed to turn concepts into game play.

Here are some links to my work, They are very dance orientated but there's some older video's of Sonic remixes if that's your thing too! I realize most of these are structured a certain way, For level music though I would change the structure/progression to fit.

This one is an upbeat sunshine feeling track.

Good ice level themed track.

I like this one as a boss themed track, Evil and dark,

If you got this far thank you for reading :)

Yoni Beltran

Green Hill Zone
Feb 3, 2019
Hello, StereoPixels, i saw your post and i want to know if you are interested in making a song for the test level of my 2d sonic engine (Spin Engine).

(Screenshot of the test level)

Thanks for reading.