HELP WANTED: Sonic Project Rift


The Bluest of Blurs
Apr 20, 2020
Heya! How should I start this.......
I'm Shibou
an artist, amateur game designer, Animator, and Storyboard artist. And as of Recent, I have begun to work on a Sonic Fan Project with the working title of 'Sonic Rift' which aims to be a somewhat Adventure Styled Fully 3D Fan game, with a fleshed out story and many more! Which is why I'm making this post today, to see if anyone would be more than willing to come help out on the team, in no way should you feel obligated to join, but if you think you could help out then feel free to Message me for more information!
This video here will have more information about the project if anybody needs it.

Here's a small list of things we need at this time:
-Programmers in Unity
-3D Modeler(s)
-Concept Artist(s)
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