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Music Chronicles of Aeolia [CONCEPT ALBUM]


Green Hill Zone
Aug 14, 2017

"Chronicles of Aeolia" is a JRPG-inspired concept album that I've been working on for the last 2-3 months, both for myself and also for school. A soundtrack for a hypothetical journey that may or may not come into fruition sometime in the future. Inspired by composers like Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoko Shimomura, ACE+, and many others, I wanted to try and put myself in their position and try and compose a bunch of RPG music on my own, including all the essentials, such as battle themes, area themes and various event/cutscene themes too. Everything came together very nicely and I'm proud of the work produced here.

The album is pay what you want, so you can either get it completely free or spend some extra money. I don't really need any of the money but it's there if you really wanna support it. I would really appreciate it if you sat down and gave it a listen, doesn't have to be all of it! Thank you very much in advance!

Composition, Arrangement & Production: dante

Electric Guitar (5, 9, 15): Alejandro Espinosa (wolfman1405)
Bass (9): Alejandro Espinosa (wolfman1405)

Artwork: thefluffyslipper

(For the record, I'm always looking for work on indie projects, whether it's games or webseries!)