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Others A video me and my friend, Nolan (of the Rebel Taxi podcast) talking about Sonic 2021


Creator of the Bear Boy Show
Sep 27, 2019
Hey'a guys! I've been in the know of these forums for a while now but finally decided to sign up and check things out. I wish I had the skills to produce my own Sonic fan game, but unfortunately I can't haha. But I can draw and make videos, and that's what I would like to show you all today. I felt this would be a good place to make an introduction and share my first video solely on Sonic and making sonic games.


A lot of work went into trying to making this the best video I have so far. So I'm always curious to knowing what people think and what people liked/didn't like of it as I value feedback greatly so I can strive to make the best of what I can. With that being said, feel free to watch it below.

Check it out here: