1. Grandman's Unbearable Existence

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Grandman's Unbearable Existence

    Grandman's Unbearable Existence is a physics-based platformer with heavy inspiration from momentum-platformers like Sonic and Wario Land 4, although putting more emphasis on the Super Mario World-side of level design. Basically, you have a license to throw anything and everything, as hard as...
  2. Antonball Deluxe

    Antonball Deluxe

    "Anton's an absolute douchebag" ~SomeCallMeJohnny "Antonball single handedly cured my insomnia and erectile dysfunction, put my kids through college and mowed my lawn. 2/10 not enough balls" ~Rob (Dinosaur Bytes) "I love Antonball" ~Endy "I hate Antonball" ~Apple "Wait, a brickbreaker and a...