1. Sonic Transitions

    Sonic Transitions

    Check Out the Updated Demo! Hey! Thanks for checking out Sonic Transitions! This is a short demo set within the universe of the Sonic Saturday Morning Cartoon (Sonic SatAM). The goal for the complete game is to create a transitional story between the SatAM universe and that of Sonic 1. This...
  2. Sonic Legacy Sage 2019 demo

    Sonic Legacy Sage 2019 demo

    This hardcore crossover adventure will be coming soon in summer 2020! Download the demo here:
  3. Carlos & Maria: Pearl Madness feat. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles

    Carlos & Maria: Pearl Madness feat. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles

    Pearl Madness is a Boss Rush style level, you must fight 6 bosses without losing all your lives, otherwise, you will return to the beginning of the level to start all over again. Sonic vs. Eggman? This time it will not be possible. Has Pearl become evil thanks to someone or is this all just a...
  4. Sonic Infinity Engine - Crisis City Demo

    Sonic Infinity Engine - Crisis City Demo

    The demo level is made on Infinity Engine based on Unreal Engine 4. The engine was created by developer under nickname Oban, after a long development, he abandoned the project and left the engine code for other enthusiasts who want to continue its work. The level itself did in his spare time...
  5. Team-Kosmos

    Sonic: The Murdering Insanity

    Sonic The Murdering Insanity is a RPG Horror Sonic game. With chases, complex boss fights and (in the future) voice acting. Game engine - Clickteam Fusion 2.5; Game template (engine) - Modified Sonic Worlds Delta 1.5.
  6. Klonoa: Dream Trigger

    Klonoa: Dream Trigger

    Klonoa: Dream Trigger is a small project put together just after the announcement of this year's SAGE using the OpenBOR beat'em up engine. The idea is making a game based on the Super Mario RPG, but using Klonoa to see how interesting it would be to have him in an action game and presenting him...
  7. Sonic Islands (Physics Preview - WIP)

    Sonic Islands (Physics Preview - WIP)

    (Physics Preview - Early WIP) Completely rebuilt from the ground up, the new build of Sonic Islands is an attempt at transferring the physics and momentum based gameplay from the classic games into 3D space. Currently in an early preview state, this test zone intends to showcase the new physics...
  8. Sonic Adventure: Revolution[V13]

    Sonic Adventure: Revolution[V13]

    Sonic Adventure: Revolution is a beat'em up game with characters not just from the games, but other canons to, like the Freedom Fighters, Sonic's siblings from Underground, and several newly added characters from Sonic the Comic. Once you choose a character, you're taken to a map where you can...
  9. Sonic Wild

    Sonic Wild

    Sonic Wild, a small demonstration of Sonic with 2.5D graphics, made from scratch in the Godot engine
  10. IbuiKun

    Sonic Ultima

    Sonic Ultima is a passion project that's been worked on for a surprisingly long time with The game utilizes mugen 1.1b's features. the current build of the game has 3 characters playable, the amount will be updated over time as the event goes on. please be sure to give feedback as needed, this...
  11. Sonic Liquid Survival (Demo 2)

    Sonic Liquid Survival (Demo 2)

    DOWNLOAD LINK:!u0sngY5C!Q8iOQKABS-w39DMrdzzQnWsLw4Syuz8y2s4zb6HKFSw Sonic faced many dangers before, but now, he will have to face a new one... hunger. In this 3D, Adventure-like game, Sonic will...
  12. Sonic  Explorers v2 (Prototype Demo)

    Sonic Explorers v2 (Prototype Demo)

  13. Sonic Recharged - [SAGE 2019 DEMO]

    Sonic Recharged - [SAGE 2019 DEMO]

    Hi guys, long time no see. Here's the official SAGE 2019 demo for Sonic Recharged. Sonic Recharged is a fangame that tells the story of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Three heroes against a villain (or maybe more), will they manage to defeat him? Obviously the infamous Dr. Robotnik will make sure...
  14. Sonic Speed Course

    Sonic Speed Course

    Ever wanted to play Kirby's dream course but with Sonic the hedgehog? This is a small demo I created in less then 10 days for SAGE 2019 and presents a small showcase of what base game could be in future releases with a world made exclusively for this SAGE. I do plan on working on this further...
  15. Sonic Island: Lost Paradise

    Sonic Island: Lost Paradise

    MORE FAN GAMES ON WEBSITE TECPEC.MYA5.RU Sonic Island: Lost Paradise - a fangame about another Sonic's adventure. Being a "Sonic Island" duology reimagining. There some old levels that can amaze you and new levels with unexpected things! Mushroom Valley - wonderful place that was a Mushroom...
  16. Sonic After The Sequel Ω

    Sonic After The Sequel Ω

    Hello! If you see this page, you probably once played a fan-game known as "Sonic: After The Sequel." We finished the work, and we are now ready to present to you the game in a new, and better look. 16:9 aspect ratio, DirectX 11 support, new and complicated bosses, new sprites, bug-fixes...
  17. Battle Cross FEVER v0.5

    Battle Cross FEVER v0.5

    Visit JOIN DISCORD! Downloads: Battle Cross FEVER v0.5.0 Whats new in v0.47: - Play Online with friends using Parsec Gaming - Fix the loading to character select - Add more low res support to 800x600 (UI will still be a mess on lower res) -...
  18. Sonic J (SAGE 2019 demo)

    Sonic J (SAGE 2019 demo)

    Sonic J is a Sonic The Hedgehog based Work-In-Progress fan-made game made by jean_tha_n00b (me) and has the purpose of being an unofficial sequel to the classic game, Sonic & Knuckles. It currently consists of two playable levels which are the Tutorial and Jex Island Act 1, with two playable...
  19. C4L3B3

    Sonic Metallix - Sage Demo 1.0

    This demo has 3 acts from 1 zone The title screen and the title card are simple, but it will increase soon. Well, we hope like the fangame. Good luck, friend!
  20. S

    Game Sonic RPG: A Sonic SatAM Game

    Showcase: SAGE 2020 Teaser: SAGE 2019 Trailer: Overview: This is an RPG inspired by Sonic SatAM, mixing elements of Super Mario RPG and classic Final Fantasy games. This project is being actively developed and you can follow what I'm doing on the project's development blog. Developer...
  21. Rextair

    Fazbear in After - SAGE 2019

    Again Disclaimer: This game is inspired by Sonic though, created in Not So Simple Sonic World Engine it is a FNAF fan game and there is no jumpscares in that game. Thanks for Understand. Story: Sunday, Night | Year 1987. After the burning Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place, Freddy Fazbear and his...
  22. lordgimpet

    Fan Game Sonic Encore

    Hi there first-time poster. I've recently picked up Unity and been toying about with it and also stumbled across the Bumper Engine, Below are some pics I've been working one, which is basically eventually trying to recreate my favorite 2D levels in 3D, below is Angel Island Act 1. while its...
  23. SoniKast

    Fan Game Sonic Quest (Demos Available)

    Hello! Sonic Quest is a classic Sonic fangame where Sonic and Tails have to stop Dr. Robotnik from destroying the planet with his brand new machine, the Steampunk Egg! Story: The game takes place on Emerald Island, which is a convex island, hidden underneath Angel Island. Legends say that the...
  24. S

    Sonic Roll Engine

    Im Very Sorry That I Did Not Post Anymore So Heres DRUMROLL!!!!!!!!!!!! A Fangame/Engine So You Guys Can Make You Own Levels! Sorry If The Camera Doesn't Scroll Because You Might Find A Script That Says Camera Controller. I Forgot How To Use It So If You Guys Find Out How To Use It I Would...
  25. GraysonoftheNight


    Hey people! I'm new here but not new to the fan games that seem to come out of here. I am honestly looking for friends/future partners in projects. So if you guys have any advice to give when it comes to sprite work, fan games, partnering up in general that would be great!
  26. Sonic Freedom Forces

    Sonic Freedom Forces

    CURRENT FEATURES: - 3 LEVELS - Tropical Track - Fleeting Fortress - Glowy Jungle - Tropical Track Boss Tropical Track is a unique take on the classic first level of each zone, with a vibrant contrasting color palette, and high potential for fast finish times. Fleeting Fortress is a...
  27. S

    Fan Game My Scratch Sonic Fangame Sry If Bad

    Well I made a sonic fangame its not updated yet sry heres the link ><
  28. I

    Game Sonic R Remake

    Hello everyone, I'm Ivar and here's a project I'm working on. A Remake of the great Sonic R by Sega Saturn. Here I leave a few screenshots of how it is going. I need to retouch and create new textures and models
  29. Sonic Grand Tour Fan Game Demo 1

    Sonic Grand Tour Fan Game Demo 1

  30. DPlex

    Sonic: Between Worlds Demo (SAGE 2019)

    "Sonic: Between Worlds" is a 3D Sonic fan project developed in Unity using SuperSonic68's "Bumper Engine". SBW consists of Sonic traveling through various iconic video game landmarks, such as Spiral Mountain from Banjo-Kazooie. The game will feature a story, and will explain why Sonic is going...
  31. Nihil

    Sonic Sprites [Free to use]

    I edited these sprites in order to use it in my fangame, but I decided to don't use them anymore. So I chose to share them. I hope you like it and give credits to Shinbs and me. R.I.P Shinbs.
  32. Nihil

    Fan Game Sonic Ahead (Working Title)

    SONIC AHEAD [UPDATE] Hi. I'm creating a fangame based on NSSSW Engine called "Sonic Ahead". Planning between 8 levels (three will be remakes of Genesis levels with new additions). The gameplay it's similar to S3&K, SONIC CD and SONIC MANIA. Planned Features: • 4 Playable Characters • Special...
  33. Heavy Metal Sonic

    Heavy Metal Sonic
  34. Sonic Recharged - Christmas DEMO

    Sonic Recharged - Christmas DEMO

    Merry Christmas everyone! We are back with a new demo of Sonic Recharged to celebrate holidays with you. Hope you'll enjoy! What's new? - Angel Island Ruins Zone (Maniaized with a Christmas palette); - Crystal Conundrum Zone (Christmas palette and objects); - Acme Canyon Zone, Sky Sanctuary...
  35. MagnumAlpasan

    JohnGagz S19 Demo [Not Available]

    JohnGagz SAGE 2019 DEMO download is no longer available anymore But, play an earliest JohnGagz version "JohnGagzProject" JohnGagz JohnGagz is a game with various mixed play styles inspired by Sonic, Mario, Marble Blast, Marble Madness and Crash Bandicoot, for expert gamers. Whatever...
  36. O

    Fan Game Sonic Pinball Panic!

    Hey everyone, I've been following this site for years. I downloaded tons of fan games back around 2002 when I got my first PC. But I never made a Sonic fan game... until now. I was talking to one of my friends who enjoys pinball machines like I do, and we got to discussing how weird it is that...
  37. zersfers

    Sonic 2 Genesis

    So I've been thinking of working on a new ROM hack. It's gonna be called Sonic 2 Genesis, and it'll be a hack of Sonic Genesis for the GBA. The title's pretty self-explanatory, it'll be Sonic 2 but worse. I need some help though: All the GBA hacking utilities I can find are all for Pokemon...
  38. Sonic Overcharged

    Sonic Overcharged

    Sonic Overcharged es el nuevo fangame que intenta recrear las mecánicas adventure. Esperamos que lo disfrutéis! (Aun en progreso) Sonic Overcharged it's the new fangame wich tries to recreate adventure mechanics. Hope you enjoy! (Still in progress) Puedes jugar con Sonic y con el nuevo...
  39. DTheHedgehog

    Fan Game Sonic: Codename BACKSTREET

    Well, to be formal- I'm D The Hedgehog. I'm very active in a lot of places. If you remember Sonic Adventure 2 Title Prompts, I'm the guy who runs it. Since August of 2018, I've been working with Bumper Engine to create a fangame that breaks rules and boundaries of what the main fanbase seems to...
  40. NotSoDevy

    Sally.EXE: Discovery

    Sally.EXE: Discovery is a sequel to the bad ending of Sonic.EXE: The Beginning.The Exheller has successfully defeated the first 3 main souls. All he needed was 3 more souls to become powerful enough to take over his timeline. Help Ą͛ͤ̅m͆ͤͭ͂̊̂҉̥ỹ͕̽̈ͬ̇,̉̆͛̓ͮ...

    Fan Game Sonic Xtreme

    After another victory over Eggman, Sonic decided to arrange a vacation. Together with Knuckles and Tails, they flew to the newly created resort on the Green Hills. But a week later Eggman attacked the Green Hills, and took away the poor animals, and besides Chaos Emeralds! Sonic does not know...
  42. Sonic Forces Adventure pre-build v0.1

    Sonic Forces Adventure pre-build v0.1

    Controls : A - Boost S - Jump/Homing/DashJump D - Slide/Bounce ( triple slide gives jump boost )
  43. ShadowExplorer

    Sonic Forces Adventure SAGEDemo
  44. Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld

    Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld

    Welcome to the Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld page! Created by Shane "Sparks," Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld is a game I have been working on for a few years (though variations of the game and the characters date back further). The general foundation of the game is inspired from a love of exploring the...
  45. Sonic Green Eyes

    Sonic Green Eyes

    This is a project that I'm doing alone so it might take a little longer to be produced. This fan game is a fan sequel to Sonic Mania Plus Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty and Ray after defeating Dr.Eggman once again want to rest but mighty and rey have to return to their home island, after...
  46. Super Universe Brawl

    Super Universe Brawl

    Super Universe Brawl is a mod I started a while back for OpenBOR where I can work on new ideas I have and even older demos I started all in one place. -The first 3 stages from the menu are mostly random and just for people to play on. Demo1 specifically was based on the flash movie, VG Exiles...
  47. Sonic Mania: Colorful Encore 2.0

    Sonic Mania: Colorful Encore 2.0

    [UPDATE 9/3] - Post-SAGE edition released with some bugfixes and tweaks, including the Super music not playing by default. ============== The Project: ============== Colorful Encore 2.0 is an enhancement project for Sonic Mania Plus focused on reimaginated or revamped palettes for Encore Mode...
  48. Sonic Smash Revived

    Sonic Smash Revived

    This page contains the only remaining file, this is cancelled from this point. SONIC SMASH REVIVED Is a fangame centered around a Smash Brothers-like engine designed to make sonic characters beat the tar out of each other until one gets knocked off the stage. It contains a variety of characters...
  49. Sonic Prototype

    Sonic Prototype

    MMAAAAANNNN I have learned alot from making this, first would be to never make a 3D level without a game plan going in. I spent a good chunk of time just redoing the level design until I came to this and even then, this is a really poor showing on my part and I feel bad that I wasn't able to...
  50. Sonic CyberShock

    Sonic CyberShock

    Redz has appeared out of no where and has teleported into Sonic's Dimension! Sonic and friends have to help him find his way back to his dimension an d find all the Ultra-Shards! Download the DEMO from Gamejolt: Join our discord...