1. Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack - SAGE 2020 Demo

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack - SAGE 2020 Demo

    Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack is a total-conversion mod for Sonic Mania that marks the return of a plethora of classic levels, specifically ones considered to be sub-par. The zones have all been updated with new graphics, level designs, and gimmicks to make them feel fresh and fun to play. ---...
  2. Sonic Remade

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Remade

    Sonic Remade tries to remake some of Sonic 1/2 Master System/Game Gear stages (currently only Sky High Zone). Written from scratch in C++ using Tilengine and SDL2 libraries.
  3. Sonic Cascade

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Cascade

    Sonic Cascade is a fan game inspired by games such as Sonic Rush and Sonic Unleashed. The main focus of the game is on action and adventure! #action #adventure #fangame Join our discord server:
  4. Sonic J

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic J

    Sonic J is a Sonic The Hedgehog based Work-In-Progress fan-made game made by jean_tha_n00b (me) and has the purpose of being an unofficial sequel to the classic game, Sonic & Knuckles. It currently consists of two playable levels which are both acts of Jex Island, with two playable characters...


    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: GENESIS BLAST!: A fan-game in style of 32X Era of Sega Genesis. Game was inspired by Knuckle's Chaotix and Sonic 3D blast. NOTE: this is an early demo and there are might be some bugs and glitches. Most things is subject to change. Story begins after events of "Knuckle's...
  6. Virtua Sonic

    SAGE 2020 - Complete Virtua Sonic

    Virtua Sonic is a virtual reality experience where you become the iconic hedgehog, traversing original Zones, defeating enemies, collecting rings and, of course, using the terrain to your advantage to achieve high speeds. Virtua Sonic features an all-new story, sure to tickle long-time fans of...
  7. SONIC DELTA: Chaos Collision

    SAGE 2020 - Demo SONIC DELTA: Chaos Collision

  8. Sonic Robo Blast!: Knothole Coast Demo

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Robo Blast!: Knothole Coast Demo

    "It’s a Robo Blast from the past!" It’s time for a brand new version of Sonic Robo Blast! The classic fan game last updated back in 1998, modernized with love and care on the Core Plus Framework! Take control of Sonic, Tails*, Knuckles* and a special guest, as you venture through the evil...
  9. Sonic the Hedgehog RPG: Entropy

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic the Hedgehog RPG: Entropy

    (Box art commission by SegaMew (@segamew)) UPDATE: Check out our website ( for all the latest updates and demos! Sonic RPG is an ambitious project to create a full-scale RPG based on Sonic SatAM. Inspired by classic RPGs like Super Mario RPG and Chrono Trigger, Sonic RPG...
  10. Sonic Legacy v0.6

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Legacy v0.6

    Hello My name is ChaoticDragon66 i always loved sonic so i wanted to make a fan game i always dreamed to make one and the time has come and I made Sonic Legacy CURRENT VERSION: Join our Discord Server: The Demo Features...
  11. Sonic Outbound (SAGE 2020 Demo)

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Outbound (SAGE 2020 Demo)

    Sonic Outbound Story Basically, it's an alternate timeline where you get the bad ending in Sonic Mania. After being defeated in the Titanic Monarch, Dr. Robotnik tries to study the power of the Phantom Ruby, "The power of this stone is far beyond anything I imagined, as if it could surpass...
  12. Super Mario: All-Star Attack!

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Super Mario: All-Star Attack!

    PREMISE "Super Mario: All-Star Attack, previously known as Super Mario World: All-Star Edition, is a team fangame project that blends all the fun of the classic Mario platformers into one whole new experience. You can play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, or Wario in an engaging quest to...
  13. Sonic Flow 2: Next Dimension

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Flow 2: Next Dimension

    Sonic Flow 2: Next Dimension is a Sonic game that takes place 5 years after the events of Sonic Forces in the Classic Dimension. Following the story of the very very badly made first game, the gathering of the 7 Chaos Emeralds in Modern Sonic's frozen dimension causes his dimension and all...
  14. Streets of Rage 2 Robotnik Wars (Genesis)

    SAGE 2020 - Complete Streets of Rage 2 Robotnik Wars (Genesis)

    After sonic forces, Dr Eggman destroys Green Hill zone to Lure sonic and his friends into a trap. With this opportunity Dr. Eggman dominates the entire city with his robots and androids. Fight using Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and shadow with some cool moveset.(You can even play as the enemies...
  15. Sonic Reforge: Red Ridge Zone

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Reforge: Red Ridge Zone

    GOOGLE DRIVE DOWNLOAD: After much tweaking and changing the looks, physics and moveset of Sonic i am happy to finally have a decently sized experience to share. It's buggy and just a blockout but the level...
  16. YoannUlrichNdri

    Us slopes ressources

    here my slopes. free to use but give credits
  17. JohnGagz(TBA) Alpha/Pre-Beta SAGE 2020

    SAGE 2020 - Demo JohnGagz(TBA) Alpha/Pre-Beta SAGE 2020

    WARNING: THIS GAME WILL MIGHT BE EASY TO HARD, JUST DO PRACTICE FIRST(IN FINAL GAME) Mircosoft Windows ver. only, I will release Mac version if possible. Choose .zip or .rar(.zip is a best one) JohnGagz is a game with various mixed play styles inspired by Sonic, Mario, Marble Blast, Marble...
  18. Sonic the Hedgehog: Brutus

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic the Hedgehog: Brutus

    Sonic the Comic featured a villain named Brutus. He was a super badnik that was programmed with Robotnik's brain patterns. He didn't appear in many issues, but he left an impression on me. I wanted to take that character, expand on him, and see how he might fit into the games' canon. This...
  19. Sonic Racers - SAGE 2020 Demo

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Racers - SAGE 2020 Demo

    Sonic Racers is a summer fan project. Not to be confused with Team Sonic Racing. Sonic Racers is inspired by games like Sonic Rush. Sonic Advanced, and Sonic Rivals. Local Multiplayer will be coming soon.
  20. Sonic the Hedgehog - Blasting Adventure

    SAGE 2020 - Complete Sonic the Hedgehog - Blasting Adventure

    Sonic the Hedgehog - Blasting Adventure is a remake of three unlicensed games by Makon Soft/Yong Yong, Sonic 3D Blast 5 (GB), Sonic Adventure 7 (GBC) and Sonic Adventure 8 (GBC). Developed with Game Maker 8, it's a PC exclusive. It was born from an idea I had in 2009, in which I recreated the...
  21. Mach Engine - 2020 SAGE DEMO

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Mach Engine - 2020 SAGE DEMO

    Sonic - Mach Engine Gameplay demo A gameplay demo for Mach Engine a unity framework. Overview The Mach Engine has been in development for the last year by myself, it is a framework for modern 3D sonic games built upon a mix between boost gameplay and momentum physics. However this is not a...
  22. Sonic Quartz [DEMO 5]

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Quartz [DEMO 5]

    SAGE 2020 DEMO Welp, its been a long time coming, but our fifth demo is finally here! We hope you enjoy!
  23. Sonic Blasters

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Blasters

    After what happened in Knuckles Chaotix, Metal Sonic, who last stayed in Metal Sonic Kai, was defeated by Knuckles and company, causing his pieces to be dispersed around the South Island and other islands (control of where he is geographically), Sonic and Tails. Learn to spot pieces that may be...
  24. Sonic 1 Delta Demo

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic 1 Delta Demo

    Sonic 1 Delta is a ROMHack created in 2017 by Team Delta to mix lots of development material, concepts such as gameplay mechanics, art, zones and more from Sonic The Hedgehog into one big adventure. After an almost complete restart of the project on February of this year, the hack is finally in...
  25. Sonic Portals

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Portals

    I decided to put this game together for a couple of reasons. I'm kind of experimenting with the idea of game development as a future career, so I thought it might be fun to use a pre-existing engine (since I don't know an awful lot about coding) and implement new features. I also enjoy designing...
  26. Sonic EOH - SAGE 2020 Demo

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic EOH - SAGE 2020 Demo

    Sonic and the Elements of Harmony, also known as Sonic EOH in short, is a 2D Sonic fangame that crosses over with an animated TV series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, by Lauren Faust and Hasbro Inc. It focuses on both classic and modern gameplay elements of a Sonic game, consists of two...
  27. Sonic Spinball Bonus Stages

    Complete Sonic Spinball Bonus Stages

    Sonic Spinball Bonus Stages changes Sonic Mania's Trap Tower pinball bonus stage into four randomized recreations of Sonic Spinball's bonus stages. Hop into those Encore checkpoints, or beat all the Blue Spheres stages to unlock it in Mania Mode! Rescue your buddies! Note: If you create a video...
  28. Sonic Forces: Battle

    SAGE 2020 - Complete Sonic Forces: Battle

    Sonic Forces: Battle is a game based on Sonic Battle where you can play as a whole variety of Sonic characters and battle a whole variety of Sonic characters. The game currently includes eleven playable characters, and fourteen playable stages from various Sonic games. Synopsis: Oh no! Eggman...
  29. Sonic Quest

    SAGE 2020 - Complete Sonic Quest

    Sonic Quest is a classic Sonic fangame where Sonic, Tails and Knuckles have to stop Dr. Robotnik from destroying the planet with his brand new machine, the Steampunk Egg. The game takes place on Emerald Island, which is a convex island, hidden underneath Angel Island. Legends say that the...
  30. Sonic Encore

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Encore

    Sonic Encore is a fan-game that re-imagines the some of the classic levels from Sonic 2D era into a more modern 3D environmental setting. Not only taking visual cues from the classics, It is the an intended design goal that the playstyle of the game also feels reminiscent of the the classic...
  31. Sonic Oxilary

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Oxilary

    Hello there, and welcome to Sonic Oxilary, a passion project created by giga6152. This game was a major step up in my career as a game developer, after making many other Sonic fan games, most notably Sonic Adventure SX from SAGE 2018. After cancelling that game some time back, I have made this...
  32. Sonic Revert

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Revert

    Mirror link: About the game: Sonic Revert is a reimagining of the Sonic gameplay but where Sonic is controlled like a car when he's in running mode. The game features singleplayer time attack and online multiplayer racing mode. Some of the classic Sonic...
  33. Sonic Fans, It's Time to Broaden Your Horizons

    Opinion Sonic Fans, It's Time to Broaden Your Horizons

    Yeah, you read the title. And look at me, making a thinkpiece like I'm some great reporter or something.(I'm really not!) We're past halfway into 2020, and it's bleak: We've had to deal with mass unrest and a planet-wide pandemic that's made everyone irritable, agitated and/or fed up with the...
  34. Fazbear in After - SAGE 2020

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Fazbear in After - SAGE 2020

    Fazbear in After is returning to SAGE 2020 Disclaimer: If you found a bug in Fazbear in After SAGE 2020 Demo, please share your feedback about this game down below in the comment, we are trying to be best. And the demo version may not the same as the final game. Fazbear in After is an FNaF fan...
  35. Sonic Frenzy Adventure

    SAGE 2020 - Complete Sonic Frenzy Adventure

    Sonic Frenzy Adventure was born much before Sonic Worlds was a thing. The game was ambitious, with many fan characters, a huge story line and dozens of levels. Yet, the game fell under it's own weight. Still, plenty of work was done and, after many years regreting not releasing it, I did what I...
  36. SJWebsterArt

    Fan Game Sonic the Hedgehog: Brutus (RPG)

    About this game Who's Brutus? Trailer Screenshots Credits
  37. E

    New and looking to make a 2D fan game, any help with resources/engines?

    Hello! I'm a new member looking to get into developing a 2D fan game. I was wondering what options I had and what the better options would be if I was looking into making a 2D classic Sonic/Sonic Mania type fan game in 2020, whether it be Fusion or Gamemaker. I have a bit of Gamemaker experience...
  38. Project Expeditive

    RECRUITMENT: Sonic Expeditive

    Team Gallant's Sonic Expeditive RECRUITMENT: Currently, Team Gallant is looking for members to help out for Sonic Expeditive's production. We need many people in on this to help make the game the best it can possibly be. Some examples of how you can help go as followed: • Sprite Artist...
  39. Binbows 10

    Fan Game Sonic: How It Really Began (Cancelled)

    UPDATE 2 (24/04/2020): Changed a large portion of the zones. UPDATE (24/04/2020): Changed a zone. UPDATE (23/04/2020): Updated the plot a bit. You guys may remember this and the messages I've posted on the Discord server about a fangame named Sonic and Mighty. Well, Sonic: Before the Mania was...
  40. Project Expeditive

    Fan Game Sonic Expeditive

    UPDATE: We have a new build available for download! Check the bottom of the post for a link. CHANGELOG: + Added Tutorial stages for Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles + Added a "Demo End" screen after beating Water Arcadia Act 2 (With a special secret, accessing the special secret is mentioned at the...
  41. Binbows 10

    Fan Game Sonic: Before the Mania (Cancelled)

    I've had about a lot of fangame concepts in the past, most of which never came into fruition, except for this one, Sonic: Before the Mania. Sonic: Before the Mania is a fangame made by me (tobytoad) in Simple Sonic Worlds using Clickteam Fusion 2.5, which explains the events that happened...
  42. botebot

    Are there any Sonic Games people find objectively bad, which you like?

    And if so, what makes you enjoy these games? Mine is Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric. I like me some platformer beat-em-Up co-op games. And I especially like the Boom Universe and its inhabbits! I have more interest in the story, characters, and adventure in general then the actual gameplay (aslong...
  43. Pana der Hejhog Remastered - 2.0

    Pana der Hejhog Remastered - 2.0

    Hello again, fellow Maniaacs. With the success of the previous Pana Remastered, I decided to improve, and add upon it. This mod features an entire OVERHAUL of levels and sprites. With the custom character, Pana der Hejhog! All credit for Mystic Island and Pana der Hejhog goes to the amazing...
  44. Mario & Sonic at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games

    Mario & Sonic at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games

    Almost a year in the making, the final release of the first Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games fangame is here! Play 20 different dream events as either Mario or Sonic in familiar places of both universes! Press F1 on the menu to see the credits and shift to return to said menu. Enjoy a...
  45. Sonic - Project Hero (2019 Demo out NOW!)

    Sonic - Project Hero (2019 Demo out NOW!)

    "Sonic - Project Hero" is a 3D Sonic Fan Game & custom, CLOSED SOURCE Framework, made for the Unity Game Engine and developed by me, Hero. "Sonic - Project Hero" aims to launch Sonic, Tails & Knuckles into, simply, a fun 3 dimensional adventure through various locales, to stop Dr. Eggman's new...
  46. Sonic Hysteria (closed)

    Sonic Hysteria (closed)

    I did this already a half year ago but things changed and I closed the project. It won't get the full version. Added it because why not, there is not so many actual good attempts at all. (I'm not saying that this better)
  47. jonathan_wedge

    Others A video me and my friend, Nolan (of the Rebel Taxi podcast) talking about Sonic 2021

    Hey'a guys! I've been in the know of these forums for a while now but finally decided to sign up and check things out. I wish I had the skills to produce my own Sonic fan game, but unfortunately I can't haha. But I can draw and make videos, and that's what I would like to show you all today. I...
  48. Raion


    PLAY the Raion demo now: First download Apple's TestFlight on iOS: THEN click this link on your iOS device to get Raion: Raion is a momentum-based platformer with multiple paths to complete...
  49. Sonic Ascends (Demo)

    Sonic Ascends (Demo)

    This demo Contains only 1 act. - Gamepad available.
  50. Sample Sonic Beta

    Sample Sonic Beta

    Sample Sonic was conceived as a simple fan project that will show many different zones. That's the whole idea. In the future you will be able to see more different zones of different types. Huge levels with a lot of other ways of passing and interesting secrets that gives the game...