sonic x-treme

  1. Sonic Z-Treme : METAL SONIC

    Complete Sonic Z-Treme : METAL SONIC

    I remade the Metal Sonic boss fight for the Sega Saturn. It just started with a sprite compression/decompression test...and it evolved. I had obviously to fill a lot of blanks as little was seen from the original! I hope you guys enjoy. Made to run on real hardware. If you don't have a Saturn, I...
  2. Project SXU

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Project SXU

    What is the goal of Project SXU?: Project SXU aims to recreate Sonic X-treme as close as possible, while adding original ideas and concepts from X-treme. The levels will be as accurate as we can make to the levels seen in videos, images, ect, (this version) while making brand new Act 2's for the...
  3. Sonic Z-Treme (Saturn) -  SAGE 2018 demo

    Sonic Z-Treme (Saturn) - SAGE 2018 demo

    Attention : I couldn't test the game on a PAL console, so it might not work correctly! Be aware of that! For PAL users (Europe and other areas), burn the PAL version. For all the others, burn the NTSC version (North America, Japan, etc.). For emulators, choose the NTSC version. Sonic Z-Treme is...