sonic resurrection: infinite's realm

  1. Sonicspirit4ever

    Sonic Resurrection Infinite's Realm (Rebirth)

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Sonic Resurrection is back with a new look! Using the brand new on the market Eclipse Xon Engine, Sonic Resurrection now features 6 Brand new character: Sonic, (Both modern and classic) Tails, Knuckles, Blaze, Shadow and Silver, each retro fitted with UNIQUE abilities that...
  2. Sonicspirit4ever

    Fan Game Sonic Resurrection: My first official Sonic fan game!

    I've been working on Sonic Resurrection for almost 4 years now and building off Damizean's Sonic 360 engine, I present, Sonic Resurrection; Infinite's Realm, a game that takes place after Sonic forces, involving Eggman NEGA. I first released the game demo with the idea of just Modern Sonic and...