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sonic fangame

  1. Sonic Recharged - Online Co-Op mode

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic Recharged - Online Co-Op mode

    Welcome! In this taste of Sonic Recharged's online multiplayer mode, it will be possible to play a remade version of "Diamond Grove Zone" with your friends. - Join a public lobby and play with players from around the world. - Create a private lobby / join a private lobby and play with your...
  2. Sonic Recharged (SAGE 2020)

    Sonic Recharged (SAGE 2020)

    (Original drawing made by Dolphman) Sonic Recharged takes place in a separate timeline / alternate universe (up to interpretation) which follows the events shortly after S3&K, right where Knuckles left off...
  3. Key Hunters DX - SAGE 2020 Demo

    Key Hunters DX - SAGE 2020 Demo

    Welcome to Key Hunters DX! A Re-imagined version of Sonic & Knuckles: Key Hunters! This is the "definitive" version of Key Hunters that was set out to be done after the original game was completed. Story: Tails has been kidnapped. This sets Sonic & Knuckles out on a quest to rescue Tails and...
  4. Sonic Racers - SAGE 2020 Demo

    Sonic Racers - SAGE 2020 Demo

    Sonic Racers is a summer fan project. Not to be confused with Team Sonic Racing. Sonic Racers is inspired by games like Sonic Rush. Sonic Advanced, and Sonic Rivals. Local Multiplayer will be coming soon.
  5. (CANCELLED) Sonic J (SAGE 2019 demo)

    (CANCELLED) Sonic J (SAGE 2019 demo)

    This game sucks don't play it.
  6. SoniKast

    Fan Game Sonic Quest (Demos Available)

    Hello! Sonic Quest is a classic Sonic fangame where Sonic and Tails have to stop Dr. Robotnik from destroying the planet with his brand new machine, the Steampunk Egg! Story: The game takes place on Emerald Island, which is a convex island, hidden underneath Angel Island. Legends say that the...
  7. Sonic Battle Of Chaos MUGEN The Final Battle

    Sonic Battle Of Chaos MUGEN The Final Battle

    This game is a fighting game with elements of Sonic The hedgehog and a gift for MUGEN fans and Sonic fans Title Screen , Menu Screen , Character Select Screen and Options Screen with Sonic Theme 60 Characters Playable , characters as Sonic , Shadow and Silver with trasformations Characters with...
  8. Sonic & Knuckles: Key Hunters

    Sonic & Knuckles: Key Hunters

    UPDATE: The Booth has been updated for SAGE 2019. The Link to the Website is down below! Welcome to Sonic & Knuckles: Key Hunters The only fangame that ever would combine the entire idea of Sonic Labyrinth & The Emerald Hunting stages Story: Controls: (yes really) Additonal Info +...
  9. Illias3000

    Fan Game Sonic & Knuckles: Key Hunters

    Welcome to Sonic & Knuckles: Key Hunters The only fangame that ever would combine the entire idea of Sonic Labyrinth & The Emerald Hunting stages & Find the lost Chao mission from SA2 Story: Credits: Ingame Screenshots: Trailers: Downloads...
  10. Alumae

    Fan Game Sonic Dream Plant

    Introducing Sonic Dream Plant, demo coming SAGE 2018 Dr. Eggman has built a machine that caused all of the residents of Christmas Island to fall into a deep sleep. Now, the task falls upon Sonic and friends to destroy the machine and foil Eggman's plans once again! A couple of gifs...
  11. Illias3000

    Fan Game Shadow Omega Realm

    Time to finally create a thread for this fangame then. Welcome to Shadow Omega Realm, now with 10% More Edge! What is Shadow Omega Realm: Shadow Omega Realm is basically a Sonic fangame with Shadow as the main focus instead of Sonic. It takes the basic concept of Sonic Forces and builds alot...
  12. Spindash12

    Fan Game Sonic Recharged

    Hello everyone! I'm new here and I'd like to share with you our new Sonic Fangame that is growing up.. It's called Sonic Recharged! I wanted to ask you if there is someone who wants to help us.. Here's the game: TitleScreen Acme Canyon Zone - Act 1 Official Game Trailer: If you have...
  13. Illias3000

    Fan Game Sonic Project Twisted (Yes that fangame.)

    Oh boy, where do i start with this. Welcome to the fangame that went from "Please dont make a fangame ever again" to "meh" to "Should we give him a chance?" Sonic Twisted Reality Story: Overall this doesnt really have a plot other then that Robotnik invented a machine that caused to...
  14. SoniKast

    Fan Game Sonic Frost

    Phew... welp, here we go again Hello! I'm making a fangame called Sonic Frost. It's supposed to take place after Sonic 2 and before Sonic 3. Here is the story (not final, i'll change it later): Story: After beating the Death Egg Robot, Sonic escaped the Death Egg with all 7 emeralds. He lands...