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sonic adventure 2

  1. Super Hard Mode - SA2

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Super Hard Mode - SA2

    Has Hard Mode stopped being hard? Never fear, fellow SA2 enthusiasts! This mod features the creation of brand new Super Hard levels replacing the originals. As a speedrunner, reverse-engineer of most of the game's objects, and degree-holder in game design, I assure you that these levels have...
  2. Mod Spotlight: Chao World Extended

    Mod Spotlight: Chao World Extended

    My first ever article for Sonic Fan Games HQ involves what I feel is my most favorite 3D Sonic mod that's available. That is, of course, Chao World Extended. Chao World Extended, managed by DarkyBenji, Exant, mindacos and ChaoGardenBuster, is exactly what the name implies. It expands Sonic...
  3. Sonic Adventure 2 (DC/Multiconsole) Sound Effects and JP Vocals

    Sonic Adventure 2 (DC/Multiconsole) Sound Effects and JP Vocals

    A pair of collections featuring sound effects and JP vocal lines from Sonic Adventure 2.
  4. MagicianArcana

    Game Radical Adventure (working title)

    Since December of 2017, I've been working on a Sonic Adventure inspired 3D platformer that I've been referring to as Radical Adventure. I have an early demo build on Itch here: (It's browser playable too! No need to download anything. But...
  5. Copen-08

    Anyone know the SA2 (Dreamcast) Physics Engine?

    Hi, So I'm working on a 3D project in Unity3D, and I figured I'd make a fun platformer, but when I tried using PhysX - the Unity3D physics engine - my hopes were (and still currently) dashed when the best I could come up with was nothing but a vulgar parody of movement. I really liked how...
  6. B

    Fan Game Project Sonic (Fan Game made with Unity)

    I am A student at Full SAil University. Going for my degree in game design. I have been a big fan of sonic the Hedgehog sense i was 3 years old. Right know in the process of creating my fan game I Have begun by recreating a recreation of Sonic Adventure 2, Radical highway level with in a few...
  7. Sonic Adventure Reloaded

    Sonic Adventure Reloaded

    Here is my project : Sonic Adventure Reloaded. This is a fan game made with UDK SGDK with the objective to port Sonic Adventures stages into a modern engine to have an Adventure game with modern graphics. Before getting into this game I was always asking : "why not have a Sonic Adventure but...