1. Tape

    Game Erick Golden

    Hi folks, I have started working this game since 2017! (Also 2015 I pressume I have used Gamemaker before I switched to Clickteam Fusion), please take look! All graphics are inspired by the SNES prototype of Rayman. And also fell in love with some old DOS and amiga games... Like Jazz...
  2. Erick Golden (TBA, Download ERUCK GOLDEN)

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Erick Golden (TBA, Download ERUCK GOLDEN)

    Welcome to the game starring our hero named Erick Golden, a 19-year-old blonde rodent-humanoid alike with his golden fur and the cool attitude, also love for his chocolate milk! This is a action-adventure shoot'em up game with some insane power ups, tricky puzzles, meanie enemies, etc. You know...
  3. Nova the Squirrel 2

    Nova the Squirrel 2

    Nova the Squirrel 2 is an open source 2D platformer game for the SNES (it's an actual SNES ROM!), and is a sequel to Nova the Squirrel 1 which was previously released for the NES. It has inspirations from many games, but especially the Kirby series, Mario series, and a few other games such as...