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  1. Yeth 2: Sage 2021 Demo

    Yeth 2: Sage 2021 Demo

    God help me please. Ok so Basically: run awound and you can an do jump don't get fall by the bad pits Ever since I watched Ant Dude's video on Sonic Rom Hacks, I wanted to do something with Yeth. So I started development to make a sequel to the original romhack, and here's what i got. You...
  2. Super Mario Unleashed (2021 Demo)

    Super Mario Unleashed (2021 Demo)

    The Difference is Night and Day! Super Mario Unleashed follows Mario in a race against time to save the world... himself!? When turned into a Midbus, an ancient Pig species, Mario must Travel around The World, Restoring it From Bowser after he separated for his evil scheme to make his country...
  3. Speedy the Rollerskater

    Speedy the Rollerskater

    Speedy the Rollerskater is a 2D platformer game inspired by Sonic 2D games (including the 8 bit ones) made with Open Surge Engine and SurgeScript (both made by Alexander Martins) Features: 7 Zones Boss fights Cutscenes Music from Newgrounds Audio Portal and Inspired by Sonic 1...
  4. Shantae & Asha: Dream Fantasia

    Shantae & Asha: Dream Fantasia

    Shantae and Asha: Dream Fantasia is an open-world 2D Platformer that blends action, RPG, puzzle, and adventure elements into one. It is a crossover featuring Asha from the 1994 Sega Genesis classic; Monster World IV and Shantae from the 2002 Game Boy Color classic; Shantae. It is a brand new...