SAGE 2020 - Demo SONIC: ALLIANCE

    SONIC: ALIANCE (SAGE 2020 DEMO) Sonic Maniac, a fan game developed by "Team Sparkle", finally rises like a sun to the SAGE event this year 2020. ✪ SYNAPSE ✪ > After hyper sonic recovers the master emerald, is heading with tails and amy to Angel island to leave the mythical object...
  2. Fazbear in After - SAGE 2020

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Fazbear in After - SAGE 2020

    Fazbear in After is returning to SAGE 2020 Disclaimer: If you found a bug in Fazbear in After SAGE 2020 Demo, please share your feedback about this game down below in the comment, we are trying to be best. And the demo version may not the same as the final game. Fazbear in After is an FNaF fan...
  3. Klonoa - The Dream Chapter

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Klonoa - The Dream Chapter

    What is this game: I was wondering what a Klonoa game would look like if it has some Third Person Shooter gameplay and rocket jumps. So I opened Unreal Engine 4 for the first time (I usually use Unity) and created this small fan game. Why Klonoa: I always loved Klonoa with his Sonic-like...
  4. Starturbo

    Game Superstar Technic

    Superstar Technic is a game I'm making in GameMaker: Studio, inspired by several classics. It's still very early in development, to the point where the first level is unfinished and unbeatable. However, I've already made a lot of material for the game, and it has changed greatly over the past...
  5. Sonic Recharged - Christmas DEMO

    Sonic Recharged - Christmas DEMO

    Merry Christmas everyone! We are back with a new demo of Sonic Recharged to celebrate holidays with you. Hope you'll enjoy! What's new? - Angel Island Ruins Zone (Maniaized with a Christmas palette); - Crystal Conundrum Zone (Christmas palette and objects); - Acme Canyon Zone, Sky Sanctuary...
  6. Sonic2 Alt

    Game Maker Sonic2 Alt

    The engine was taken from the site of Sonic Retro where I found the Super Ring V3 engine from Game Maker 8.1 or GM 8, It was very easy
  7. Allegro: The melodic warrior

    Allegro: The melodic warrior

    DOWNLOAD at: SECRET BETA FOREST LEVEL: At the title screen press Up Up Up Up Up Up Up (6 Times) and then press A. (The demo was released in November 2016, the beta forest level was revealed in later January 2017 in a promotional event). - Allegro: The melodic warrior is a...